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The Rise Of Tron On Its Independence Day

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TRON's Justin Sun Under Fire from His Own Community
TRON's Justin Sun Under Fire from His Own Community

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The 25th of June is the day Tron broke from Ethereum and achieved its ‘independence’. Over the last year, significant things have happened in and around the Tron community.

On June 25, 2018, Justin Sun, founder of Tron, announced that Tron had gained ‘independence’ from Ethereum and this set up Tron to become an independent ecosystem. Since then, Tron has grown quite significantly and has fast become one of the most successful and talked about blockchain ecosystems. Tron is currently ranked 10th among its peers according to CoinMarketCap. This position is a reflection of how much this ecosystem has grown, a system that was ranked 56th just a few months ago. Work has been put in to try and grow the network and its token and this work has paid dividends in the past year.

One of Tron’s first moves after its breaking away from Ethereum was acquiring BitTorrent. The acquisition of BitTorrent was done in July 2018 and it was the subject of many conversations in the blockchain community. BitTorrent has generated interest from some established blockchain networks such as Neo but these failed to get BitTorrent on board. For Tron to come into the picture and seal the deal despite not being one of the prominent blockchain ecosystems at the time, it was a shocker for many. The BTT token was launched and it has performed quite well on the crypto trading markets. Needless to say, Tron’s acquisition of BitTorrent was one of the moves that have propelled the ecosystem forward.

The number of accounts operating on Tron’s ecosystem have grown significantly with many developers making use of Tron’s blockchain. By allowing a variety of DApps, it terms of genres, to be developed and operated on its blockchain, Tron has attracted users from a wide range of industries and ways of life. The range of DApps on the network attracts many different users. To date, Tron has gained hundreds of millions of users on its ecosystem and this reflects just how much Tron has achieved in the year since it gained its autonomy.

With the growth trajectory Tron has achieved over the past year, investors in cryptocurrency will be taking a keen interest in the blockchain ecosystem and the tokens that are on it. Tron’s TRX experienced a steady four day rise to sell at $0.0407. This surge was a 31% gain in Tron’s Edna gen market value. For participants in crypto trading, Tron might be a worthy token to keep an eye on because if it maintains the growth patterns it is showing, it will soon become one of the most valuable tokens on crypto exchange markets.

It is without a doubt that the past year has been a major win for Tron, with the acquisition of BitTorrent and the growth of the numbers on its ecosystem reflecting how much Tron has grown. Tron has risen to become a top ten blockchain ecosystem and its TRX coin is experiencing a price rise on crypto exchange markets. Those who buy Tron (TRX) might find themselves with a worthy investment in the next few years.

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