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Silks NFT Game Releases New Batch of NFTs – Mint Open Now

Games of Silks Genesis Avatar NFTs listed on Opensea
Games of Silks Genesis Avatar NFTs listed on Opensea

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Game of Silks, a P2E game designed around the concept of thoroughbred horse racing in the metaverse, has released a new batch of Genesis Avatar NFTs, which can be minted via their website. For users who want to enter their metaverse and win exciting rewards and prices, owning their Silks Avatar NFTs is needed, which, however, are selling out quickly.

Game of Silks metaverse allows players to own racehorses and horse farms and get rewarded by investing in its ecosystem through USDT and ETH. This Ethereum-based gaming platform incorporates a real-world betting system in the metaverse, using technologies such as NFTs. Its ecosystem involves horses, lands, stables, and racing silks in the form of NFTs, all of which have different use cases that optimize the in-game risks and reward systems.

It has a derivative gaming ecosystem that bridges real-world thoroughbred horse racing games with the virtual world. In other words, even though Silks horses are virtual assets, players can observe them in real life as they grow, compete, and breed.

Moreover, its database is based on the real-time analytics of generations of real thoroughbred horses, including their bloodlines, current racing results, birth, and development in the real world.

Game of Silks NFT Types

Silks Genesis Avatars offers four types of NFTs:

  • Racing Silks: Racing Silks are colorful and unique wearable NFTs. They act as an identity that horse owners wear in the Silks ecosystem. It is a pre-requisite to have racing silk to engage in the Silks metaverse. Players can only earn through Silks horses once they acquire an identity in the form of racing silks.
  • Land: Spanning an area of 202,500 acres of digital land, Silks metaverse will be divided on a 450×450 acre grid, where each plot of land is 1 acre. These plots of land represent NFTs with unique locations in the metaverse. To build any structure in their ecosystem, a certain amount of land is required corresponding to each structure.
  • Stables: A horse racing ecosystem is incomplete without stables. So, giving a completely immersive horse racing experience, Silks metaverse has stables operating horse farms. To build a stable, you need to have 10 land NFTs (i.e., 10 acres of virtual land) in the ecosystem. Whereas these horse farms can be built on 10 acres and be as big as 100 acres. Each 10-acre horse farm can house 10 horses. The total limit of these stables is about 10% of the total horses living in the Silks metaverse.
  • Horses: Silks horse NFTs are a way you can own a virtual counterpart of a real horse that not only resembles a real horse’s looks in a 3D image. The ownership is so absolute that you even earn a reward every time the real-world counterpart wins a race. These NFT horses are tradeable in the secondary markets as well.

Silks Genesis Collection

Silks Genesis Avatars were first launched in its ecosystem in April 2022. Its total collection comprises 10000 avatars, of which 65% of the collection is already sold out. As per OpenSea, they have a floor price of 0.14 ETH, a total volume of 928 ETH, and the best offers in this collection went as high as 0.108 ETH till now. Additionally, some rare NFTs were even sold at 5 ETH.

Owning Silks Genesis Avatars has its own utilities:

  • It gives a unique identification in its ecosystem.
  • Silk genesis avatar owners get a lifetime mint pass for the annual yearling sale.
  • Different avatars have different traits and hence different rarity.
  • Holders will get a 3D identity for themselves to explore the Silks metaverse.
  • Genesis Avatar holders will have exclusive access to its IRL events and giveaways.

The Silks Avatars’ first batch was highly appreciated and admired by some of the top investors/collectors in the industry. And as a result, they quickly became popular and entered the top 10 list of best-selling sports NFTs on the OpenSea marketplace.

Similarly, the final batch is up and is anticipated to follow the first batch’s success history. So, users who’d want to enter the Game of Silks metaverse (will be live by Q1 of 2023 as per their roadmap) must not miss out on this final batch of NFTs. You can buy it from their website for 0.25 ETH and OpenSea as well.

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