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Temasek Investment Firm Sees Big Three-Year Portfolio Returns

Temasek, a Singapore-based investment company, has made some positive decisions as of late. In fact, ten listed trusts in the firm’s portfolio have brought in a three-year return average of 42.2%. Most notable are Mapletree Logistics Trust, which brought in an 84.2% three-year return, Mapletree Industrial Trust with 71.9%, and Mapletree Commercial Trust at 70.8%, reports the Singapore Business Review. These three alone mark a 75.6% three-year return and a 119.4% five-year return.

Aside from those ten trusts, Temasek also put money into 15 other companies which saw a return of 6.1%, according to the Singapore Exchange (SGX). On top of this, 15 other enterprises saw an average of 6.1% in returns over 3 years.

Source: Trustnodes

Big trust returns

The trusts also saw five-year returns of 67.4% and a ten-year return of 82.7%. However, the companies fared a little different, with a five-year return of -0.2%, though a positive 82.6% return at the ten-year marker.

Overall, it seems that companies in Singapore are performing quite well. Temasek, fortunately, is a prominent enough and well-researched enough money-lender to make good market investments that usually lead to a positive return, as demonstrated above. To get involved if you’re in the area, check out the Money Kintecs’ Guide to Licensed Money Lenders in Singapore.

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