SwiftPass, Wallyt, and Findora are Partnering to Build New Payments Network

Singapore Brings New Payments Legislation to Help Global Crypto Firms
Singapore Brings New Payments Legislation to Help Global Crypto Firms

,” is partnering up with Wallyt, a self-described “Hong Kong based Fintech that provides international mobile payments and open banking solutions,” alongside Findora, a “blockchain network that leverages zero-knowledge proof technology to ensure privacy for financial transactions while remaining auditable,” according to a press release.

This partnership will see all three companies working to develop a new payments network related to cryptocurrencies.

Speaking on the matter is Tong Liu, the CEO of Wallyt, who said:

“Among its peers, Findora has a unique approach to financial systems, with a balance between transparency and privacy for building a large-scale transaction network. We are excited to partner with Findora and, together, provide more Fintech solutions.”

Also sharing some thoughts is Paul Sherer, the Director of Findora Foundation, who said:

“Findora Development Foundation is excited to partner with two dynamic platforms in Wallyt and SwiftPass, in the constantly evolving Fintech and payments sector. The Findora blockchain’s unique approach to combining cryptography and blockchain will help Wallyt and SwiftPass achieve both confidentiality and auditability.”

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