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Stably, FamaCash Partner to Improve Payment Platform

FamaCash, one of the self-described “fastest growing digital financial service (DFS) networks in the world,” has revealed it has partnered with the Stably Corporation, a blockchain-focused group, to “provide development support for Fama’s growing portfolio of financial service platforms,” according to a press release from the group.

FamaCash is the digital payment service division of FAMA Financial Holdings, and is looking to provide more services to its community, which includes more accessibly payment platforms and apps, the release continues.

Stably is considered a leader in the Borderless Neobanking space, which a banking area powered by blockchain technology and stablecoins, among other things.

It’s also the group who build USDS, “one of the first USD-backed stablecoins featured on major crypto exchanges,” the release continues.

These two groups partnering will expand the FamaCash mobile payments platform, which will ensure that “financial institutions” can “transform their legacy banking systems to provide state-of-the-art borderless mobile financial services.”

Speaking on the matter is Stably CEO Kory Hoang, who said:

“Our partnership will allow FamaCash users to enjoy a borderless neobanking experience powered by both stable coins and traditional fiat methods like SWIFT wires. Our mission is to make financial transactions faster, cheaper, more accessible for anyone in the world and we look forward to working with FamaCash to achieve these goals together.”

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