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Changelly PRO Reveals Extensive Referral Program

Changelly PRO, the trader-focused exchange branch of the Changelly ecosystem, has revealed a new referral program for users on the platform, according to a press release from the group.

While it sounds for professionals, Changelly PRO is more for new traders to get used to and fall into the cryptocurrency trading ecosystem, the press release notes.

It plans to bring “simplicity, competitive rates, and flat fees as well as high-quality 24/7 support to the active trading community,” the release also states.

Now, this referral program should bring more users onto the platform as time goes on. That, and referrers receive 50% of their friend’s trading fees for six months after the new user jumps on.

The PRO referral program provides the following benefits, the release continues:

  1. Quick Registration Process – We will board your referrals with a click!
  2. Daily Payouts – Earn from each transaction of changellers you have invited, no matter how much they trade!
  3. Multi-Currency Wallet – Our users are equipped with everything they need for a stable and safe journey.
  4. Trade Travel 24/7 – Ground control and connection with service and support anytime, anywhere.
  5. Free Account – Your referrals will always be able to test what we offer at no cost.
  6. Incredible Profits – You are unlimited! Invite 10 or 1000 changellers – we’ll pay from every their trade!

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