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Skale Network Price Prediction for Today, February 19: Will the Skale Network Price Reach $0.070?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

SKL Price
SKL Price

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The SKL token has been growing considerably over the past few days and is currently aiming to cross over its recent price barrier. Today’s price increase has fueled interest in investors and has contributed to further buying activity. This puts SKL in a good spot, with much room for growth in the short term.

The long-term technical image of the currency, however, might be ruined if the price does not remain above $0.064.

Price Prediction for SKALE Network

The SKALE Platform price is now expected to trend upward as a bullish cross over the token’s upper border channel might drive the coin to its levels of resistance at $0.080, $0.085, as well as $0.090. On the downside, a negative movement underneath the 9-day, as well as 21-day moving averages, may halt the market’s initial rise and build bearish momentum to bring the market below the following levels of support: $0.040, $0.035, as well as $0.030, respectively.

SKL Price

The market may continue to rise as the statistical indicator RSI (14) currently crosses into the overbought zone. The 9-day MA is still higher than the 21-day MA when examining the daily chart, which may allow buyers to focus on the stirring intervention to the north. The Skale Channel is rising over the 9-day MA when compared to Bitcoin. But if the sellers continue to exert pressure despite the recent bullish indication, the price of SKL might decrease.

The market price might approach the support point at 160 SAT or below, though, if the bears were to successfully break through the lower limit of the channel.

As the technical marker RSI (14) is expected to cross above the 70-level, boosting the bullish movement, the resumption of the bullish progression could also enable the coin to surpass the upper boundary of the platform and force the price to the resistance line of 300 SAT and above.

SKALE Network: What is it?

The SKALE Network is an ETH ecosystem-compatible, elastic blockchain with high throughput and customizable byzantine fault tolerance. In other words, it is a dynamic platform that can give Ethereum scalability. The original and primary application for such ETH blockchains was flexible branch chains.


A class of emulated subnodes selected from a set of nodes adopts an idea in the SKL Network. They either use the entire available storage and processing power on each node or only a portion of it. Users may select their primary blockchain, consensus algorithm, chain size, virtual network, and other security measures on each sidechain, which is very flexible.

The company’s technology emphasizes running smart contracts securely and decentralized, and it claims that at high performance, users can execute them 1000 times faster. Nodes must stake a certain amount of SKL on the Ethereum public blockchain using a set of smart contracts known as the SKALE Manager to be allowed to operate on the SKALE Network.

After being accepted into the network, the node will choose 24 peer nodes randomly to audit latency & uptime. The benefits that a node receives for participating in the SKALE service are based on these metrics, which will be routinely provided to the SKL management. Customers must provide their preferred chain configuration and payment for the time they will be renting connection resources to run the chain when they create an elastic sidechain.

SKALE Network: What Does It Do?

The Skale Network manages governance processes and offers incentives using its Skale token. The following operations on the platform are made possible using the native token SKL.


Owners or delegators of SKALE tokens stake their coins with validators. By verifying blocks, carrying out smart contracts, and protecting the network, the validators carry out the activities on SKALE Network.

The Elastic Sidechain subscriptions are paid for by the platform’s developers using the SKL tokens. The subscription price paid by developers as well as the inflation of cryptocurrencies into the network is used to fund the validators’ and delegators’ SKL token premiums. Chain voting, which regulates all economic factors on the SKALE network, is made possible by SKL tokens.

The SKALE cryptocurrency is a hybrid usage token that denotes the ability to install and use Flexible Sidechain as a developer, invest as a delegator, or serve as a validator in the SKALE network.

With a subscription model, users pay with Skale currency to rent resources like processing, memory, or bandwidth for a certain period. The network’s validators receive the privilege to run nodes, collect fees, and generate tokens through inflation by staking SKALE tokens. In addition to earning benefits, delegators can delegate their cryptocurrency to validators.

Technical Analysis of Skale Network (SKL)

After Skale’s debut last year, not much time has passed. The cost of SKALE Network began to rise gradually at the beginning of 2021 and reached its peak in April and March of the same year due to excessive volatility.

The SKALE Network price has been moving in a sideways slump with high volatility since April 2021, underneath the 50-day exponential MA. The cost of the Skale Server is currently higher than its 50-day exponential MA. The accumulation/distribution metric has been on a downward trend since March 2021, as can be seen. This demonstrates that the expected market focus does not exist and that the average cost of the SKALE System is not attracting the attention of the general public.


Even close to the area of consolidation, there is no discernible pattern; while the SKALE Server price remains wildly unpredictable. The pricing volume on the SKALE Network is lower than the typical trading activity, and it appears that it had dried up way back in March 2021.

The Bollinger Bands demonstrate that the Skale Networks’ most volatile phase was in March 2021, once the SKL price kept surging past the resistance of earlier highs. This sharp spike in the average price was followed once more by a turbulent fall until July 2021.

Since July 2021, the SKALE pricing has been increasing, and it has since risen. While there has been a small pullback recently, the price may soon increase.


Based on our current SKALE price estimate, the price of SKL is expected to rise by 26.45% to $ 0.078827. Our technical indicators indicate that the current mood is bullish, and the Fear & Greed Scale is now at 60 (Greed). During the past 30 days, SKALE produced 17/30 (57%) green periods and 20.57% price volatility. According to our SKALE prediction, now’s an excellent time to purchase the currency.

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