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ShowPay Raises $1.5 Million to Build MetaID

Former Florida Tax Collector Allegedly Used Public Funds to Create Blockchain Company
Former Florida Tax Collector Allegedly Used Public Funds to Create Blockchain Company

ShowPay, a self-described “blockchain company established in 2019 with the main development team in Guangzhou China,” has been focused on Bitcoin SV for a long time, and the group has just raised $1.5 million, according to a press release.

The company received this money from Jinghe Investment, a “subsidiary of China Lantian Corporation,” it also notes. These funds will be used for the following purpose, building the MetaID platform:

“1) strengthening the basic research and development of the global distributed ID “MetaID” based on BSV; 2) establishing a non-profit fund to promote the adoption of MetaID; 3) expanding the team.”

Speaking on the matter is Mr. Gong, the chairman of Jinghe Investment, who said:

“I think the global ID based on blockchain is the most important link in the future blockchain world, and it must be the next wave of the blockchain industry, because without the global ID based on blockchain, it is impossible to usher in the large-scale popularization of blockchain applications. I am very optimistic about the MetaID being built by the ShowPay team. I believe that MetaID will become the largest global ID scheme on the blockchain in the next five years, and will become the most important infrastructure of the next generation Internet. We will continue to invest in important infrastructure blockchain projects.”

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