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Shiba Inu, Lead Developer Reveals SHIB New Updates

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Shiba Inu
Shiba Inu

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The lead developer of Shiba Inu, Shytoshi Kusama, has released some latest updates about the SHIB ecosystem. Kusama posted about the new SHIB product called Shibacals and guidelines regarding its use.

In a blog post, the developer unveiled the long-awaited SHIB mysterious product, which is believed to be a ‘physical’ item. Notably, the Shibacals are also referred to as Authenticated Collectibles.

The Functionality Of Shibacals

Shibacals is a new project on the Shiba Inu to serve as an authentication layer for collectibles. It would leverage NFT chips to authenticate physical objects via a digital process.

Kusama explained that Shibacals is geared toward authenticity and aesthetic appeal, as well as ensuring an authentication layer that boosts the concept of collectability.

Further, the lead developer reiterated the uniqueness of Shiba Inu’s digital authentication of physical objects using NFC chips.

Kusama stated: “Our unique approach of digital authentication of physical items through an NFC chip, creation of the items in-house and blockchain transaction sets us apart and demonstrates just one use-case for Shibarium.”

Further, the SHIB developer mentioned that several giant firms, such as eBay, have started authenticating physical items. 

According to him, the chips used by the Shibacals provide unending opportunities, which are ideal for businesses as the chips can connect to dynamic destinations seamlessly.

He explained that users selling through online platforms like ESTY or other websites could easily create products. They just need to include a Shibacal NFC tag and choose how to use the tag for their creations.

Other Impressive Advancement By Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is making more impressive advancements that would distinguish its ecosystem and foster community engagement.

The lead developer Kusama further disclosed the new collaboration between Shiba Inu and Champion Apparel geared toward creating SHIB-themed merchandise.

The Shibacal team initiated the collaboration to mark the first use of authentication tags and NFC chips in authenticating the themed merchandise.

Before now, the community requested a US-based sportswear brand to create SHIB-themed hoodies.  A top Shiba Inu influencer, SHIB_Head, pioneered the campaign for the themed hoodies in 2022.

Subsequently, several Shiba Inu enthusiasts joined the campaign and requested Champion to design the SHIB-themed apparel. Finally, the campaign has become successful with the recent partnership between Shiba Inu and Champion Apparel. 

The meme coin secured the right to create ‘Shiba Inu merchandise on Champion Apparel.’ Additionally, Shiba Inu disclosed the creation first batch of Shibacal, SHIB-themed, NFC authentication tags by Hewlett Packard. The tags will be showcased on the first edition hoodies.

The SHIB team announced the SHIB community hoodie design contest in a new development. According to the statement, the protocol will take just three designs from the community, in which SHIB_Head and THESHIBLIFE will each bring a design. 

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