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German Intelligence Service Deploys Dog-themed NFTs To Recruit Cyber Talent

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Almost 1,000 non-fungible tokens have been released on the Ethereum network by the German Federal Intelligence Service in search of blockchain talents to recruit for the agency.

The agency had previously deployed 999 dog NFTs inspired by both BND’s guard and security dogs and the various intelligence roles.  Thanks to the deployment of the NFTs, Ethers (ETH) price rallied between June 21 and June 22. 

Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) Ventures Into NFTs

The German Federal Intelligence Agency launched the collection with an on-chain treasure hunt program, targeting cyber artists and aiming to recruit as many NFT artists as possible.

Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) deployed the “Dogs of BND” NFT collection, which comprises 999 dog-themed NFTs. According to the agency, the NFT collections are inspired by its security and guard dogs and various “intelligence roles.”

The BND informed BTC-Echo that their primary motivations are their service dogs, Alex and Inka, who work at the agency’s Pullach site. 

It stated that the dogs had received tens of thousands of admirations as many individuals are using their pictures as calendars in their houses and offices in Germany. 

Based on the information from the BND official website, users can only obtain the digital collectibles only after finding a character or string posted on the agency’s Instagram account.

Also, the BND noted that cyber talents would need to use the unique information to spot the collection before they’re eligible to mint any of the NFTs.

The BND’s Aim To Recruit Cyber Talents

In an interview with BTC-Echo, the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) stated they were looking for young talents to help fight against cyber criminals. 

By introducing the NFT challenge, which requires that German cyber talents between the age of 4 to 13 access the smart contracts characters by checking out the organization’s Instagram posts, they could filter out super smart individuals to work with. 

So far, 71 participants have secured one of the 987 available dog-themed NFTs, as stated by the BND. Among these collectibles are rare features, such as the Hawaiian shirt or a glowing cyber glass. 

However, there are 12 non-acquirable dog NFTs in the collection, and participants are not expected to collect them. Since deploying the NFT collection into OpenSea, the trading volume and floor price have spiked. Between Wednesday, June 21, and Thursday, June 22, the floor price leaped from 0.000001 Ether (ETH) to 0.052 ETH, about $100.

Though the NFT collection has recently seen a significant price leap, it still has low liquidity. On Wednesday, June 21, the collection had an overall volume of about 1 ETH, thus implying that only about 20 NFTs have been sold by collectors. 

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