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ShareRing, Alphabit Parter to Increase Accessibility of SHR Token

ShareRing has partnered with Alphabit, which will help the former push its cryptocurrency token, SHR, to more markets.

Focused on the fragmented travel industry, ShareRing hopes to create a better customer experience by integrating everything – “hotel check-ins, flights,  visa and tourist applications, COVID passports, self-sovereign digital identity cards, mobile wallets, payment solutions and vehicle rentals,” to one place on its application.

Alphabit, “one of the world’s first regulated digital asset investment funds focused on delivering turn-key solutions and assisting projects with end-to-end partnerships,” will provide some capital to this exact group, according to a press release.

Speaking on the matter is Liam Robertson, the CEO of Alphabit, stating:

“Alphabit is excited for the prospects and utility of SHR token as we come out of the pandemic. We feel its ecosystem is solving real-world problems with blockchain and will benefit from an upsurge in users whilst expanding their community and product offerings.”

Tim Bos, the head of ShareRing, also spoke on the matter, stating:

“This partnership demonstrates that funds recognise the true potential and value add of the technology we’re building for the sharing, travel and on-demand economies. Alphabit’s years of expertise will bolster our relationships with existing partners as well as open up many more opportunities with new partnerships in the future.”

ShareRing has recently partnered with a variety of groups, as InsideBitcoins has previously reported on. Recently, it partnered with GDA Capital, for example.

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