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ShareRing, GDA Capital Partner to Increase Distribution of SHR Token

ShareRing, an “enterprise-ready blockchain geared towards the travel, sharing and on-demand economies,” has partnered with GDA Capital to ensure itself an accelerated distribution of its SHR Token.

Utilizing blockchain technology to enhance the travel industry, ShareRing has a mobile app that will “create a more cohesive customer experience by bringing all the necessary activities and bookings into one ecosystem, including hotel check-ins, flights,  visa and tourist applications, COVID passports, self-sovereign digital identity cards, mobile wallets, payment solutions and vehicle rentals,” according to a press release from the group.

The release notes that GDA Capital will ensure ShareRing has growth capital, and will even help the group in distributing and adopting the asset at an institutional level.

Speaking on the matter is Michael Gord, the co-founder of GDA Capital, who said:

“With a partnership network that includes dozens of vendors that are ready to integrate ShareRing into their existing business infrastructure, this network is one of the most ready for real-world activations that we have seen.”

Tim Bog, the Head of ShareRing, also spoke on the matter, stating:

“It’s a real privilege to add GDA with their years of expertise under their belt to our growing list of influential partners and key collaborators. They are one of the top blockchain firms in supporting projects through development while also opening doors to numerous key firms in sectors ShareRing is operating within.”

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