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Senator Ted Cruz praises Bitcoin’s role in Canadian protests

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Senator Ted Cruz has taken advantage of the Canadian Freedom Convoy protests to advocate for Bitcoin. The pro-Bitcoin senator lauded Bitcoin’s decentralized nature during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Ted Cruz praises Bitcoin

The senator said that he was bullish on Bitcoin because of the decentralized nature that makes it immune from government control. He addressed the Freedom Convoy protests in Canada and the enforcement of the Emergencies Act.

The Canadian prime Minister enforced this act and allowed banks to freeze accounts linked to the protests without needing a court order. The government also seized dozens of crypto wallets after the protestors turned towards Bitcoin donations. Exchanges received orders to seize fiat or crypto linked to flagged wallet addresses.

The Canadian government ordered Nunchuck, a non-custodial wallet service provider, to freeze user funds. However, Nunchuck asked the Canadian government to research the concept of self-custodial wallets and private keys. Nunchuck also said that it did not have access to user details apart from their email addresses.

Cruz commented on this response calling it “spectacular.” He also talked about the ban of crypto trading in China, saying that the government could do little to control the sector.

However, Cruz’s remarks were not met well by the crypto community, with one user stating that Bitcoin was not a political issue. The user also said that politicizing Bitcoin “left vs right” was not good.

US politicians advocate for crypto

Senator Cruz is the latest American politician advocating for the use of Bitcoin. Cruz even bought the Bitcoin dip and advocated for renewable energy in Texas to mine Bitcoin.

Other politicians are also becoming pro-crypto to woo the crypto community. Some politicians are also going the judicial way to advocate for the crypto sector by introducing laws that will support the adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, and that of New York, Eric Adams, have strongly advocated for Bitcoin and even offered to take their paychecks in the primary cryptocurrency. Another politician is Senator Cynthia Lummis, who is currently using the crypto space to support her political campaigns.

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