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Seasia to Incorporate Blockchain for Enterprise Clients

Chinese Parliament Suggests a Blockchain Development Fund
Chinese Parliament Suggests a Blockchain Development Fund

Seasia, a platform “delivering unparalleled software development services in Canada,” is bringing blockchain technology to the forefront, providing it as an option for its enterprise customers, according to a press release.

An IT spokesperson said that Seasia’s clients would be able to meet their customer needs and power revenue growth, it reads.

As of now, the company’s Canadian branch helps users record their transactions, track their assets, and more. Now, they’ll be putting these services onto blockchain technology, the press release reads.

“Disruptive technologies, like blockchain, are upending the conventional outsourcing model of deploying a number of engineers in despicable locations,” the company notes. “Leveraging blockchain technology will allow companies such as Seasia Canada, to make their clients cut expenses and advance productivity. Seasia Canada is already working on some projects integrating blockchain technology for its clients. This technology can offer an option to the present global money-transfer network SWIFT, as per a senior executive.”

Speaking on the matter is an expert from Seasia Canada, which read:

“Blockchain is a major focus area because of the potential this technology provides all across different businesses… For us, the focus areas are, SWIFT, asset management, and identity management.”

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