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Scammers Have Just Stolen A Lil Pudgy NFT On Blur In A Phishing Attack

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NFT scam alert
NFT scam alert

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The cryptocurrency and non-fungible token scam attacks have escalated this year, leaving crypto and NFT investors losing millions of dollars. At this point, nearly all of the biggest names in the space have been victims of hacking. In yet another scam attack, scammers have just stolen a Lil Pudgy NFTs on Blur in a phishing attack.

Scammers Steal A Lil Pudgy NFT In A Phishing Attack

In a December 01 blog post, PeckShield, a blockchain security company, confirmed that unknown scammers had drained Lil Pudgy NFT # 17799 on the Blur NFT market platform in a phishing attack. PeckShield is a blockchain security company that aims to elevate the security, privacy, and usability of the entire blockchain ecosystem by offering top-notch security services.

Phishing is a type of cryptocurrency scam that involves tricking victims into giving up their private keys or personal information. The attacker typically masquerades as a legitimate entity or person to gain the trust of the victim. Once the victim gets compromised, the attacker then uses their information to steal their crypto funds or NFTs.

Crypto and NFT collectors can prevent themselves from potential phishing attacks by practicing some of these quick tips, which include remaining cautious about suspicious emails, especially if they contain links from sources they don’t trust, using strong passwords, and avoiding reuse them across different accounts, avoiding giving out their personal information, such as their wallet address or private keys, to anyone and more.

Crypto Scammers Stole Over $348M In November

The crypto and the non-fungible toke market experienced tremendous growth in November, attaining impressive prices and sales volumes while generating massive attention among traders. Unfortunately, scammers and hackers have leveraged the recent crypto market hype to fuel their heinous attacks.

Data compiled by PeckShield shows that November saw an upsurge in Web3 hacks & exploits compared to the previous month, totaling over $348 million across 28 incidents. The blockchain security firm referenced two high-profile attacks targeting Justinsun-linked projects, draining $236 million worth of cryptos from Poloniex and HECOBridge & HTX, formerly Huobi.

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