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Satoshi Nakamoto Could’ve Been A Londoner, Suggests New Analysis

Doncho Karaivanov stands as the author of a new report regarding the enigmatic and, contrary to many claims, unknown figure that is Satoshi Nakamoto. In this report, it’s suggested that Satoshi could’ve worked on Bitcoin in London, at least during the years of 2008 to 2010.

Investigations As Old As Bitcoin Itself

Karaivanov took several key factors into consideration as justification for this conclusion, which in itself isn’t even a hard, absolute statement. The first is the timestamps of the published materials of Satoshi himself, including regional word spellings and colloquialisms. However, one of the key points is the headline of The Times that was embedded in the Genesis block of the Bitcoin network. This headline was exclusively the periodical’s England print version.

Hundreds of sleuths, journalists, and investigators have already flung the idea around that Satoshi comes from the British Isles. Satoshi’s identity, as one would imagine, is subject to many investigations. Many a sleuth has scrutinized the Bitcoin founder’s activity, scouring the Internet and whatever they could find for anything to lead to his identity.

Sherlock-Level Word Analysis

This latest report, however, published by The Chain Bulletin, has revealed some new tidbits of information that weren’t picked up by these other analyses. In particular, this new report highlights the probability that Satoshi was referring to The Times’ print edition when it comes to that now-famous headline from the 3rd of January, 2009, which saw itself printed on the Genesis Block.

The Times’ England print edition was the only edition to use the now-famous headline of “Chancellor On Brink Of Second Bailout For Banks.” The online edition held the name of the Chancellor, and the US edition didn’t even have the story, to begin with. From there, Karaivanov went to The Times’ readership data, which shows that around 43% of its UK print edition readers are based in London.

Karaivanov highlighted the fact that London stands as one of the largest financial hubs the world has to offer, making the probability that Satoshi was a Londoner relatively high. At the very least, this increases the likelihood of Satoshi having lived in London between 2008 and 2010, very tangible.

Satoshi Could Be In The UK… Or the US.

Karaivanov further analyzed Satoshi’s timestamped posted materials. This includes everything from emails sent to early Bitcoin developers, posts on Bitcointalk, and commits on SourceForge’s Bitcoin repository. All of this data leads to a further probability that Satoshi had been living within the UK time zone. Even so, these same posting patterns could reflect someone who lived within the US East Coast or West Coast time zones, as well.

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