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UCC Coffee Partners with Farmer Connect to Launch Blockchain Traced Coffee

USDA Proposing Use of Blockchain For Organic Product Supply Chain
USDA Proposing Use of Blockchain For Organic Product Supply Chain

Blockchain has continued to get increased interest in different sectors, including the finance, health, and travel sector. Its popularity has also started growing in the food and beverages sector, with the partnership between UCC Coffee and Famer Comment.

UCC Coffee has announced a partnership with coffee trackability platform Farmer Connect to roll out a traceable coffee.

It is increasingly getting important to coffee consumers to find out where their beverage drink is produced and the welfare credentials and production environment their favorite brand is produced.

The launch of the blockchain traced coffee will help to solve this need.

UCC’s coffee is produced in Indonesia and distributed in the U.K. by Ocado and Waitrose. The brand wants to preserve the quickly declining rainforest region of the Sumatran orangutan. With the Farmer Connect platform, customers and consumers are now able to trace the origin of the coffee The platform is known as “Thank My Farmer,” and it is designed to help consumers have complete knowledge of the quality of coffee they are consuming. It will also help reduce the number of counterfeits bearing the same name as the original brand.

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Consumers don’t need to guess or worry about the authenticity of the coffee brand because it will be easily traceable.

The launch will be the first time UCC is launching a blockchain traced coffee. With this collaboration, consumers and retailers are now able to trace Orang Utan Coffee.

The platform is powered by the same high-tech blockchain technology as IBM Food Trust, and it will increase credibility and transparency across the coffee supply chain. The platform will also grow the farmer-consumer relationship, as it provides authentic information about the source of the product.

Consumers can now participate in community projects

According to the announcement, ‘Thank My Farmer’ connects consumers more directly with farmers who are growing the popular Orang Tan Coffee. The consumers can understand deeply about the production of the origin of the coffee and how they can support any projects underway in the producing communities.

They can learn more by using their mobile phone to scan the PR code on the product’s label. With this platform, consumers who want to willingly support any project can do so easily and pay with their credit card through the Apple Pay or Google Pay platform. This brings the consumers closer to the producing community, which enhances their relationship, the announcement reads.

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