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Rumors of a Bot-Inspired Coin Surging: Chimpzee Remains A Robust Alternative

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Rumors of a Bot-Inspired Coin Surging: Chimpzee Remains A Robust Alternative
Rumors of a Bot-Inspired Coin Surging: Chimpzee Remains A Robust Alternative

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X BRIDGE BOT (XFER), a bot-inspired yield-bearing token to the Ferro Protocol, has attracted investors’ interest with a touted 600% annual percentage yield (APY). 

Rumors about users reportedly boosting their token rewards using XFER Vault directly on DeFi Earn recently surfaced, leaving investors concerned about the viability of the rewards.

As of 5:31 am EST, GeckoTerminal data shows XFER price has surged by over 155% in the last 24 hours.

X BRIDGE BOT (XFER) Price Action 

XFER trades as XFER/WETH pairs on Uniswap V2. The XFER/WRETH pool was created four days ago but has amassed over $1.22 million in trading volume with 1,586 transactions. 

The token currently trades at a low of $0.002923 and a high of $0.2181.

Rumors of a Bot-Inspired Coin Surging: Chimpzee Remains A Robust Alternative

The price action has stalled as the bears attempt to push the price further below the 50 EMA, as indicated by the bearish candlesticks below the moving average.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is at 32, dipping lower into the oversold region, indicating high selling pressure as it approaches 30.

Meanwhile, the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) is below the signal line, with red histogram bars showing more bearish reversals ahead.

The next few hours are critical for XFER, reflecting whether the bulls can overcome the bears to push XFER back to the $0.2 level above the 50 EMA.

X BRIDGE BOT (XFER) Sparks Curiosity Amongst Crypto Enthusiasts

The massive gains and attention garnered by XFER sparked curiosity among interested crypto investors who are exploring various channels for answers. A crypto enthusiast, GravyBoat, took to Reddit to express his concern about the possibility of Ferro, XFER’s native protocol, rug-pulling on investors like LUNA and UST did.

Many respondents who reacted said coins with high APY cannot be trusted.

Some said 99,950 of 100,000 people who invest in high APR-yielding coins like XFER would likely end up with bags of worthless coins.

While XFER continues to make waves, even with little affirmation of the project’s long-term potential, Chimpzee remains a robust alternative.

Chimpzee About to Conclude Presale as Project Inches Closer to $1.5 Million Hard Cap

Chimpzee has captivated several investors with its eco-friendly and charitable initiative. Chimpzee’s wildlife conservation and pro-afforestation narrative particularly appeals to investors, given the global warming and climate change issues plaguing the planet.

Early investors looking to invest in coins with robust ecosystems and real-world utility to guarantee longevity and high returns are excited about the CHMPZ token. Moreover, the possibility of amassing up to 300% during the project’s presale phase contributed to the high investor interest in Chimpzee.

As a result, Chimpzee has raised over $1 million of its target presale funds of approximately $1.5 million within a few weeks. The clock is ticking, as CHMPZ could sell out in a few days once the hard cap is reached. 

CHMPZ token price is $0.000775 and will increase to $0.00085 in the next presale stage. Hurry before the price increases to $0.00185 when CHMPZ graces top exchanges in the coming weeks.

Chimpzee Investors Earn Massive Income While Saving the Environment

Chimpzee’s main objective is to promote public awareness of the dangers of climate change and deforestation while encouraging people to make conscious efforts to save the planet through tokenized incentives.

To confirm its commitment Chimpzee has planted over 20,000 trees, donated handsomely to save endangered wildlife, and still plans to do more.

Investors can earn money through three unique mechanisms: Play-to-Earn, Shop-to-Earn, and Trade-to-Earn. 

Interestingly, the Chimpzee platform charges no selling or buying tax, and users pay zero trading fees.

Prospective investors can visit the project’s website, connect their wallets, swap ETH or USDT for CHMPZ tokens, or buy their bank cards directly.

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