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Reasons Why Countries Have Difficulties Adopting Blockchain Technology

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Blockchains have been around for a while, and they are not going anywhere except forward. I believe this is a statement we can all agree on. The amount of utility for systems that are based on blockchain technology to provide value for the common people, communicate trust, transparency, and drive forward a social revolution that has never been witnessed before.

These are the ideas that drive the general cryptocurrency sector moving forward. We want to change the world fundamentally, drastically, and fight injustice wherever it may exist. And these are the ideas that the powers that “be” resist, for they are afraid of a unified world. It is only natural for the leaders of our world, living in their isolated states, to be afraid. To be honest, if they are not already, they should be. Blockchain changed the financial landscape forever through Bitcoin, and it won’t take long before entire countries become decentralized.

Like it or not, blockchains will play a major role in the unification of the world and most likely blossom a new era of peace and prosperity that philosophers, poets, and artists have dreamed of for many generations.


Number one on this list must be cowardice. Fear has led decisions for many many powerful people, and it still does to this day. Believe it or not, the most powerful people in the world are also the most stressed individuals you have ever met.

The balance of power is always shifting back and forth, comparable to how a tightrope walker needs to constantly adapt to the changing conditions of the line while keeping control over his balance. For otherwise it means certain death as they plummet to the ground.

Countries or rather their leaders fear change. There is a place for fear, but rarely in terms of generating value for the wider population. My hope is that we will transcend these fears and achieve greatness as a whole.


Instilled in the darkest depths of governments you can almost always find a form of corruption, a clandestine operation that is going on in the background, similar to how a virus can slowly take control over your computer, information, and identity.

It is most visible when the third reason is challenged, which is most likely the most important of them all. Fear, together with greed, jealousy, an over elated ego and sense of domination breeds corruption. It leads individuals to believe they can do anything, and most of the time they actually can.

We have inherited a lot of compulsory behavior through genetics, and most of it has been generated in the Paleolithic, where leaders were the strongest, and eventually the wisest and most innovative in the Neolithic.

They were in charge of communities and everyone came to them for support, and support was found. This is still the same to a large extent, but not for the countries I am speaking of. There are countries in this world where joy is a rare commodity, and a smile is as precious as gold if seen on an adult.

Corruption has seeped so deep into these communities, and everyone feels powerless to do anything about it. This leads straight to the heart of the last reason.


Both fear and corruption are closely related to maintaining a control system in place. Control is the driving force of freedom, and powerful people have always been attracted to control. The bible was adapted and redacted to keep the Catholic church in power, and this information is easily found in textbooks around the world.

Control over the masses is the most useful tool that maintains the powerful in their position. Let me ask you a question: What would happen if every major organization (countries, religious organizations, corporations, banks) already had provable blockchain systems that track every decision, transaction, and organizational structure?

Do you think the world would be happy to discover the truth? I don’t know the truth of this magnitude, but I doubt that people would be proud of what humanity represents. Blockchain has the power to equalize control and give it back to the individuals. Under-developed, hell even developed countries are afraid and don’t mind being corrupt in order to keep control over the masses and their own power.

Closing words

At the beginning of this article, I mentioned that it won’t take long for countries to become decentralized. This is to be understood through the prism of history. We might all be dead before this happens, but the real question is not when it will happen, but rather “How have we contributed to a better world?”

I hope this article lands in front of the eyes of contemporary political and blockchain business leaders, and ICO founders, for they are the ones that are laying down the infrastructure, which will eventually fuel the changes and enable these three reasons to no longer matter in the grand scheme of things.

For they actually don’t, and it’s only through a natural bias of people that they exist. They were useful once for survival, but have grown redundant as society grows to become more inclusive, aware, and compassionate.


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