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Prediction: Here’s Why The Bitcoin Price Is Heading To $20k, Traders Invest In Ai Doge Instead

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

bitcoin price prediction
bitcoin price prediction

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Bitcoin is recently going through a roller coaster ride. The largest crypto globally hit $30K after its downfall last year. However, Bitcoin again plummeted below $27K. Meanwhile, the crypto market has commenced shifting towards adopting projects that hold the potential to explode in the future.

Among the projects likely to impact the crypto ecosystem is Ai Doge ($Ai). The new project is revolutionizing the crypto ecosystem by adopting and merging Ai with memes, making it one of the outstanding hot deals among investors. The Ai Doge is currently on sale and is available at an affordable price.

Ai Doge is the future as Bitcoin starts going down to 20K

After plummeting below $27K, Bitcoin has halted its price decline and started to rise again. However, the trajectory of Bitcoin remains unknown. Retail investors are advised to be extremely alert and wary of every step of BTC since it has had an extremely turbulent month. Notably, the major market’s macroeconomic circumstances are allegedly the primary factors behind the volatility.

Source: TradingView.Com

At the time of writing, Bitcoin (BTC) price is at $29,393.52, representing a 0.73% increase in the last 24 hours and a 7.68% increase in the past 7 days. With a trading volume of $12,654,865, Bitcoin is valued at a market cap of $569,039,675,851 and a circulating supply of 19 million BTC.

A trading volume of $12,654,865 in the last 24 hours represents a -44.80% decrease from one day ago, a recent fall in market activity, according to CoinGecko. However, judging from the recent market trajectory or “boom and bust,” Bitcoin is highly unstable. This leaves investors to wonder whether it is even safe to invest in Bitcoin now.

Further, experts, crypto enthusiasts, and investors prefer new coins such as Ai Doge(Ai), which can potentially explode soon. Notably, the new coins have the potential to perform extremely well in their presale stages. It is worth noting that a successful presale of the meme coins clearly indicates how well a particular project will perform in the future.

What Is Ai Doge (AI)

A larger part of the crypto ecosystem relies on social media platforms as a channel to learn, engage, and communicate. However, a more creative way of reaching one’s target is via memes widely embraced by the crypto users base Ai Doge and social media. The project aims to combine that niche with artificial intelligence integration. AiDoge is a project that can be used to create memes that can communicate any information in the most relatable, comic, and interesting way possible.

Buy AiDoge

Notably, AiDoge leverages AI to make them, indicating that human intervention isn’t entirely required to create quality memes. Users can also stake AI tokens in the AiDoge space to gain access to platform features and daily credit rewards. For sustained participation and platform stability, staking is necessary. Within AiDoge, users can view and post memes created by AI on the public wall.

Further, the website features a dog with some futuristic gear, which gives the project a meme coin status when combined with the name. Being part of the popular Doge space, It has a high potential of gaining massive investors, most of them from the meme coin community. To revolutionize meme production and foster a healthy crypto community, they provide a cutting-edge solution for meme generation. It uses cutting-edge AI technology, user-friendly suggestions, and a token-based credit system.

AI token presale

Despite being an early entrant in the crypto market, the project has already racked up a majority of interested buyers. AiDoge has produced one trillion AI tokens. 50%, or 500 billion, will be sold in the presale. The remaining will be towards community rewards, vesting, exchange listing, and liquidity. The AiDoge presale’s remaining AI tokens will be destroyed, facilitating the decrease in market capitalization.

To the early investors, the lowest price is offered at $0.000026 per token. However, the price keeps rising as each step is sold out. The AI token will be priced at $0.0000336 when listed on centralized and decentralized exchanges following the presale. Notably, stage one investors will receive a  30% increase. During the presale, several coins are accepted, including Tether and Ethereum. However, investors without cryptocurrencies can buy the Ai Doge tokens using credit cards.


The AiDoge presale has already raised over $260K. This is a clear indication that the buyers have embraced the project.

What makes Ai Doge stand out?

Some features and factors make the project stand out from others, making it worth investing in during the ongoing presale. Some of these features include:

  • Artificial intelligence integration

The AiDoge platform is a cutting-edge tool that uses advanced AI technology to create personalized memes that match the text prompts users enter.

  • Secure platform

To ensure maximum protection of its users, the AiDoge employs multiple layers of security measures, including secure and audited staking contracts. These contracts are designed to safeguard the staked tokens and minimize the risk of loss or theft.

  • Based on Trending Artificial Intelligence Concepts

AiDoge has the potential to reach thousands of investors and gain multiple buyers since it is one of the trendiest projects to invest in.

  • Staking Rewards

AiDoge aims to reward all holders and members of the community who actively participate in the project’s growth. The users who participate in the staking program receive daily credit rewards proportional to their staked amounts of AI tokens.

  • Meme Artists Obtain Exposure and Monetary Rewards

Besides receiving daily credit rewards, participants in the program are also eligible to vote on other users’ memes through a voting mechanism. The memes with the highest scores are selected as winners and will be rewarded with $AI tokens. This incentivizes users to create high-quality and engaging memes and promotes a competitive environment, resulting in a better experience for all participants.

  • Ease-To-Use Meme Generator

The meme-generating mechanism for AiDoge is both simple and easy to use. It helps create simple yet trending meme templates with text inputs that can spice up the whole content. The ease of creating memes can save one a lot of time and money, depending on their requirements.


The above characteristics make it worth noting that AiDoge has a bright future and is among the best altcoins to purchase this year. It has long-term potential and utility because it addresses a limitation that various current and future social media industry innovators experience.

Various investors are anticipated to have a great response to the AiDoge presale. Its AI creation approach produces excellent, distinctive memes supported by NFTs. Notably, you can see our guide on buying AI tokens here.

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