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Predicted Surge in Euro 2024 Betting by Stop Gambling Foundation in Thailand

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It’s not surprising that major sports events around the world often lead to a surge in betting activities. Events like soccer, baseball, football, and basketball draw millions of sports fans, and some of these fans try their luck at wagering for the first time.

One of this year’s most eagerly awaited soccer events, UEFA Euro 2024, is starting today, June 14, in Munich, Germany. The thrilling tournament will run until July 14, 2024, culminating with the final in Berlin, Germany’s capital and largest city.

Just as Euro 2024 begins, the Stop Gambling Foundation in Thailand has predicted a notable rise in soccer betting. Thanakorn Komkrit, the secretary general of the foundation, shared his insights with Thai PBS World, forecasting a significant increase in the number of soccer bettors.

Komkrit estimated that this year’s European soccer tournament could see 51% more gamblers compared to Euro 2020. He explained that many soccer fans enjoy placing wagers as it adds an extra layer of excitement to watching the games.

Soccer betting isn’t typically a top choice for new bettors. This is because it requires a certain level of knowledge and experience. In contrast, online casino games like slots are more accessible since they don’t demand the same level of expertise. With soccer, understanding team dynamics, player statistics, and game strategies can make a significant difference in the outcome of bets, which is why more experienced bettors tend to prefer it.

Although the number of gamblers in Thailand has remained steady at around 3 million over the past two years, Komkrit noted that the amount wagered has been on the rise. The foundation’s data shows that 80% of gamblers aged between 20 and 30 have increased their spending on gambling. This age group often includes young professionals who can afford to allocate more money to such activities.

Despite ongoing efforts to combat illegal gambling, the black market remains a persistent issue in Thailand. Last month, the country’s Ministry of Finance shut down approximately 6,500 illegal gambling websites. However, new sites continue to emerge, posing a continuous challenge. This ongoing battle against illegal gambling platforms highlights the need for more robust and sustainable solutions to effectively curb unauthorized betting activities.

Gambling Addiction in Thailand

The upcoming Euro 2024 tournament has also raised concerns about a potential increase in gambling addiction in Thailand. Kongkan Takhiranyit, the assistant director of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, voiced worries last month about the growing number of soccer bettors. He warned that the popular tournament could lead to a rise in gambling addictions and underage gambling. The foundation emphasizes the importance of monitoring and support systems to help those at risk of developing gambling problems, especially during such high-stakes events.

To sum up, while the excitement of Euro 2024 is palpable, it brings with it a heightened risk of increased betting activity and potential gambling-related issues in Thailand. The combination of a major sports event and the allure of gambling creates a scenario where many might find themselves drawn into betting, possibly leading to a range of socio-economic challenges. As Euro 2024 progresses, it will be crucial to observe the impact it has on betting trends and address any arising issues promptly.

About the “Stop Gambling” Foundation

The “Stop Gambling” Foundation in Thailand is a prominent organization dedicated to addressing and mitigating the adverse effects of gambling within the country. Established with a mission to promote responsible gambling practices, the foundation focuses on raising awareness about the risks associated with gambling addiction. Through various initiatives, educational programs, and community outreach efforts, the foundation aims to inform the public about the potential dangers of excessive gambling and provides support to those struggling with addiction. Their efforts are particularly significant in a country where gambling is largely illegal, yet remains a prevalent issue due to the availability of underground and online gambling platforms.

One of the key strategies of the “Stop Gambling” Foundation is to collaborate with governmental bodies, educational institutions, and other non-profit organizations to create a comprehensive support network for individuals affected by gambling addiction. The foundation advocates for stricter regulations and better enforcement to curb illegal gambling activities. Additionally, they offer counseling services, hotlines, and rehabilitation programs to help individuals regain control over their lives. By fostering a community-oriented approach and focusing on preventive measures, the “Stop Gambling” Foundation strives to create a safer and healthier environment for all Thai citizens.


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