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Pornhub Debate Draws Both CEOs of TRON and Binance

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Everyone knows what Pornhub is and those that deny knowledge more often than not pretend to do so. Paypal, one of the world’s leading online payment platforms, pulled its support from one of the world’s biggest porn sites. The reasons why isn’t exactly clear at this point, which makes it all the more confusing.

The entire Cryptoverse had a straightforward answer for Pornhub: Use more crypto. Both the chief executive officers of the major players in the crypto world, Binance and TRON, advised the porn site of the same choice.

PayPal Pulls Out

The information about Paypal’s strange choice came from the Pornhub site itself, the site expressing its devastation over the decision from Paypal via a blog post. The crypto community quickly came to give support to the site, with one Twitter user going as far as to describe PayPal as “puritanical.” The crypto community being what it is, everyone believes that their choice of cryptocurrency is the best to handle Pornhub’s financial needs.

Crypto Pushes Hard

Anthony Sassano, product marketing manager of SetProtocol, idly commented that stablecoins would be a better choice over the more popular Bitcoin. He reasons that stablecoins lack the inherent volatility of conventional crypto, thus making them desirable to hold for any amount of time and expecting the same wealth to be there. Of course, this was met with “professional” disagreements from the Twitterverse as well.

Jeff Garzik, CEO of the blockchain startup Bloq, took the time to actually ask what blockchain would properly serve Pornhub’s needs at this exact moment. He couldn’t really find a satisfactory answer himself, but the streams of comments were quick to propose their favored coin.

The debate’s gotten to a point where a heavyweight like Chanpeng Zhao joined in and shared his thoughts that it could serve as a way into a more “mainstream” format of crypto use, though it’s doubtful anyone expected this would be the first case.

Justin Sun, the Cryptoverse’s most vocal advertiser of his own cryptocurrencies, gave his opinion as well. He stated that the site already accepts TRX payments, but it should add the USDT-TRC20 to its fold to help with the issue.

Along with Sun’s voice, many others gave their various opinions about the superiority of crypto compared to conventional currencies or the “vileness” of PayPal for pulling support.

China’s Special Accounts

To pile on to the general strangeness that is the Pornhub Debate, Beijing is getting involved in it too in a way no one wants or expects. China has been finding it hard to spread its anti-Hong Kong-protest narratives ever since literal thousands of accounts have been removed by the major social media platforms of Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. In order to combat this, the propaganda train is pushing its narrative in Pornhub of all places to assure the world that China is good, and Hong Kong protests are wrong.

It feels like the world is actively trying to make as little sense as it possibly could.

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