planetRE Reveals Blockchain-Based Video Conferencing

zoom video

planetRE, a self-described “leading enterprise cloud vendor for online real estate,” has revealed that it will collaborate with Zoom and Citrix to add video conference recordings to its blockchain platform called Transact, a press release from the company states.

As of now, video conferencing is more important than ever. This is largely due to the pandemic, of course, but planetRE recognizes this and wants to establish these conferences on a blockchain network.

The press release describes some new features Transact will offer:

“This new feature enhances all parts of Transact – online disclosures, contracts, forms filling and E-signature to a whole new level by embedding video conferencing and immutable recordings. Digital Signing ceremony is enhanced with the ability for agents to invite participants for signing and web conference concurrently.”

Speaking on the matter is Subrao Shenoy, the CEO of planetRE, who said:

“Real Estate professionals can now operate with efficiency, high touch and compliance. The ability to add embedded video conferencing at any stage of the real estate transactions with immutable and retrievable video recordings is a huge step forward for the industry during the pandemic and beyond.”

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