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Bitrue Planning World’s First Hybrid DeFi, CeFi Exchange

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defi platforms
defi platforms

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Bitrue, the self-described “diversified financial services platform with support for trading, loans, and investments,” has revealed new upgrades to its services that will benefit DeFi and CeFi users, according to a press release from the group.

Thanks to this, Bitrue will be able to launch what they call the “world’s first hybrid exchange,” the press release notes. They also plan to push more DeFi in the future.

The platform’s first new DeFi service will be a “peer-to-peer matching engine connecting borrowers and lenders, with borrowers receiving interest on the coins they add to the liquidity pool,” the release also reveals. This new service should launch in quarter 1 of next year.

Financial Services on the platform will be usable via a new cryptocurrency token called the Bitrue Finance Token (BFT), which launches this week and users will gain access to them as well.

Speaking on the matter is Curis Wang, the CEO of Bitrue, who said:

“The inherent trustless nature of DeFi means that our users can always be 100% satisfied that they are getting fair deals. It fits perfectly with the very reason that we started Bitrue – to provide financial services that bring equitable opportunities to all people, instead of enriching the elite few at the top. At Bitrue we have users with a wide range of backgrounds and requirements – from ordinary users who are building up nest eggs to large institutions looking to control their risk. These people all have different requirements and expectations towards cryptocurrencies, and the new capabilities we can offer as a result of this hybrid model will be able to satisfy these wide-ranging needs.”

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