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Pepe of Wallstreet Prognosis: POW Could Outperform While Presale Coin Ends Today

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Pepe of Wallstreet
Pepe of Wallstreet

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Pepe of Wallstreet’s (POW) price action has been rather bleak for some time now. It has been sliding horizontally as the broader market remains range-bound. However, analysts remain optimistic about the token, anticipating a move that could see the altcoin outperform the market.

Why the Optimism?

The optimism comes amid multiple bullish fundamentals around the Pepe of Wallstreet ecosystem, including a token-burning mechanism. This helps to reduce the supply of the tokens in circulation. Like the Shiba Inu (SHIB) ecosystem, it aims to increase POW value by promoting scarcity.

Based on the latest update, 4.5% of the entire Pepe of Wallstreet circulating supply has been burned.

Moreover, the project has applied for listing on multiple dashboards to uphold legitimacy. These include CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, where traders can track token performance live. The metrics include the token’s market capitalization, trading volume, and circulating supply. It is also worth mentioning that Pepe of Wallstreet is currently trending on DEXTools, with a reliability score of 75%.

As the Pepe of Wallstreet project pushes to bolster legitimacy, the odds for a lift-off increase. It is also impossible to ignore the anticipated renaissance of the king of frog-themed tokens, Pepe Coin (PEPE). With prospects for 60% gains in the long term, its peers could also take off by association as social metrics for related tokens increase.

PEPE Santiment
Santiment data

Touted as the “PEPE of Wall Street,” POW follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, with the two projects walking side by side. Specifically, some of the brains that steered Pepe Coin to the $1.6 billion valuation also drive Pepe of Wallstreet.

The collaboration could bode well for POW, potentially earning the meme coin the same reputation, if not more, than PEPE currently enjoys.

Pepe of Wallstreet Price Forecast as POW Tests Lower Bollinger Band

At the time of writing, Pepe of Wallstreet is trading at $0.0004943, steadily edging south towards the lower band (yellow) of the Bollinger indicator.


Pepe of wallstreet price
TradingView: POW/USD 1-day chart

There is a catch! For the above case, Pepe of Wallstreet price action is range bound but edging towards the lower boundary at $0.0004832, further enhancing the odds for a mean reversion. With POW price traveling between the two upper and lower bands, taking long or short positions becomes easier. This means shorting POW when the price tags the upper band (blue) and longing when it tags the lower band (yellow).

More broadly, the Bollinger Bands are widening, which points to increasing volatility. This, coupled with the position of the Relative Strength Index (RSI) above 30, increases the odds for an uptrend, potentially to the upper boundary at $0.0005404.

Similarly, the histogram bars of the Awesome Oscillator (AO) have been narrowing towards the positive since the end of August. Increased buying pressure could vindicate Pepe of Wallstreet from the ongoing consolidation.

Meanwhile, SONIK is in the last stretch of its presale, a home run set to end at 1300 UTC. Don’t miss out for any reason. Buy Sonik Coin here.

Promising Alternative To Pepe of Wallstreet

SONIK is the ticker for the Sonik Coin ecosystem, a project inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog for its unmatched speed. In alignment, the project has recorded a successful presale, breaching the $1 million mark days ago.

To buy SONIK at presale rates, capitalize on the early entrant price of $0.000014. The live countdown on the website shows collections of up to $1.601 million have been attained. Once presale collections hit the $2 million target, SONIK will be listed on exchanges, potentially driving its value higher. Again, do not miss out on the early entrant prices.

With barely two hours left for the presale to end, this limited period is a resounding alarm for anyone interested in joining the project for future benefits.

Join the SONIK presale before it ends!

Also, take note of the high staking Annual Percentage Yield (APY) offered in the Sonik Coin project. This feature differentiates SONIK from all other meme coin projects. It provides the practicality to passively grow your income via a unique staking mechanism called ‘STAKE-2-SPEED.’

The Stake-2-SPEED feature lets you stake your tokens immediately after purchase. Notably, this functionality will go live a week after the platform premieres.

Here is how to buy SONIK

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