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Pepe Coin Continues Trading Volume Pump With $300+ Million While Wall Street Memes Hits $14.7 Million

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Pepe Coin
Pepe Coin

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Pepe Coin, the token that brought about the meme-coin mania, has witnessed a massive volume pump of $300 million.

The memecoin has been able to capitalize off its social attributes and the recent XRP resurgence. Meanwhile, meme coin presale Wall Street Memes has hit $14.7 million in its presale round and is inching towards a conclusion.

Pepe Coin Shoots Up by 9% 

Good regulatory news has also helped Pepe coin, too, as some of XRP’s influx funneled into the memecoin. The token has gone up by 9% in the last 24 hours. Its trading volume stands at more than $300 million, and the market token’s market capitalization is currently at $658 million.

The “meme-mania” initiating crypto has hit a monthly high of 100%.

Pepe Coin Monthly Rise

The token’s official Twitter page has had several positive reactions since last week, with Pepe stating that there is always a possibility of a pump.

The timing of the tweet suggests that this post might be another reason behind the Pepe Coin’s sudden resurgence.

Pepe Coin Price History – Where it Started – Where it is Going?

Pepe Coin emerged in the middle of April 2023 and was able to leverage the meme factor of “Pepe the Frog” to move up rapidly. The memecoin’s upward trajectory caused it to blow past the $1 billion market capitalization, at which point it was picked by Binance.

Pepe Coin Trend Line

But like with most meme coins, Pepe coin went on to correct by more than 80%. During this time, other memecoins with a similar approach to memes – WUJAK and TURBO – also went down, with many now trading at their all-time lows.

Being listed on Binance and other major cryptocurrency exchanges proved fruitful for Pepe coin as the community started to consolidate it around The $0.0000008 level.

Then in the last week of June 2023, Pepe Coin rallied once again until it reached the point of another sideways trend. At 11am UTC, Pepecoin is trading around $0.0000016 level.

Pepe Coin Price Prediction – Will It Reach Its All-Time High?

The recent surge has been fueled by a variety of reasons. One of which could possibly be XRP’s ruling. The other reason might be the revelation that Twitter has started to share ad revenue with content creators. Pepe Coin tweeted recently that it has recently been paid by Twitter in terms of Pepe Coins.

However, little instances like these might not be enough to push Pepe coin back to its all-time high. There are much better investments available in the market.

From a technical perspective, the Pepe coin must move up by 167% to reach its all-time high. According to the Fibonacci retracement chart, that would mean moving up to $0.0000038 first, which would require a 138% increase.

Fibonacci Retracement Chart

Pepe Coin’s current RSI stands at 58, indicating lukewarmly positive sentiment. The tokens’ above zero MACD histogram also shows positive indicators. But the positive reinforcement isn’t intense enough for this token to test its peak.

Alternative to PEPE – Wall Street Memes

There is a to and fro going on when it comes to the current price trends of Pepe. The possibility of it making another bullish wave remains, but the market is still volatile.

Wall Street Memes is, therefore, a better investment option amidst this confusion. The token’s presale has caught on momentum, and it has already raised more than $14.8 million during press time.

Wall Street Memes raises more than $14.7 million

Inspired by Wall Street Bets, Wall Street Memes is a community-centric token that showcases its love for memes on social media to attract a community of crypto enthusiasts.

The project has more than 1 million followers on social media. According to the official whitepaper, the project also gets millions of impressions every day.

Among its social media accolades is also its interaction with Elon Musk, the Dogecoin hypeman whose words carry weight in the crypto space.

With so many positive factors, Wall Street Memes is being billed as the next 10x crypto by many experts.

The hard cap for the presale is set at $20 million, leaving little time for those who want to become early investors. If you want to become one of them, visit to participate in the presales.


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