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PayBito to boost India’s crypto industry by offering franchise benefits

PayBito to boost India's crypto industry by offering franchise benefits
PayBito to boost India's crypto industry by offering franchise benefits

Indian crypto industry has been advancing rapidly despite regulatory uncertainty that still troubles the sector. Now, thanks to a new decision brought by the US-headquartered crypto exchange, PayBito, the development is going to speed up even more.

PayBito moves to improve the state of crypto in India

PayBito recently made a decision to intensify its activities in India by offering franchise benefits to the local entrepreneurs. The goal of the move is to improve the state of the crypto sector in the country, and allow franchise owners to become a part of the crypto brand.

This will also provide them with a number of infrastructural benefits that entrepreneurs can leverage along the way. This was further confirmed by Raj Chowdhury, PayBito’s managing director, who noted that ‘India has displayed great prospects of becoming one of the leading economies to accelerate worldwide crypto adoption and development.’

He added that there are multiple entrepreneurs who have shown interest in investing in digital currencies. However, they are fairly limited when it comes to options and ways to approach it. Now, the franchise program would make up for that lack, and allow them to improve the state of the industry in their country.

Benefits of PayBito franchise offering

Of course, franchise offerings are not new for PayBito. The exchange already offers them around the world, and it has seen great interest among entrepreneurs from all over the globe.

Everyone wishes to start their own crypto venture, and this move allows them to do it. This is also a consequence of the fact that PayBito has a rather unique revenue-sharing percentile. It offers 50% of what it earns from trading fees for user registrations. Meanwhile, franchise owners get access to numerous services that the exchange has to offer.

At the same time, franchise owners have only a handful of formalities to meet, such as the timely settlement of franchise investments, maintaining the execution of PayBito operations, and expanding the local influence of the brand, and nurture it.

In the end, everybody wins, which is why this program has seen such success wherever PayBito offered it.

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