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OXAI Price Prediction: Invest in the Future of Artificial Intelligence?


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The crypto market is heading into the weekend trading even lower than it did yesterday. After major coins posted losses for the second day in a row, investors are beginning to worry that much of the gains made in the past few weeks could be at risk.

OXAI, a small-cap coin that recently gained traction, has followed this trend and shed a few gains. However, given the asset’s recent price-improved performance, some investors believe it could be a good buy regardless of the market rout.

OXAI Price Action

OXAI has followed the broader market’s bearish trend. The crypto asset currently trades at $0.00001253, a downtrend of 13.13% in the past 24 hours. Its price surge is significantly more than the 3.95% drop experienced by the entire market in the same 24-hour timeframe.


Coin prices have tumbled again, indicating that the market rally that began in February has now cooled off. Investors also appear to have taken some profit following weeks of bullish price action. While large-cap coins have been the biggest drivers of the current bearish movement, small-cap coins have also seen their prices tumble hard.

Market Dynamics to Determine OXAI Price Movements

OXAI is the native token for the OxAI Web3 infrastructure protocol. The platform aims to optimize decentralized artificial intelligence computation for any machine or human worldwide while ensuring that data privacy and security are optimized.

With the OxAI bot, users will be able to access AI-powered insights to augment their intelligence and make smarter, more informed decisions. OxAI can be integrated into any existing system for technical functionalities or business operations to improve efficiency.

OxAI will combine blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, offering a platform with powerful AI-based services that will lower the barriers to entry for AI insights.

OXAI, the platform’s native token, has a short price history. So, its technicals aren’t quite clear yet. However, the asset is trading at a 43% discount over its all-time high of $0.000022. For a new coin, it could take a while for its price to settle and begin trading independently.

Furthermore, the fact that its developers have yet to share any major fundamental news means that OXAI will trade in relation to the market in the short term.

With the market currently on a bearish adjustment trend, there is a possibility that OXAI could see more lows, at least in the short term. Nevertheless, investors remain optimistic that the sought-after gains will still come down the line.

OXAI Alternative

With artificial intelligence expected to play a significant role in shaping the future of computing as we know it, OXAI is one asset that future-forward investors would want to keep an eye on.

However, investors looking for quicker returns in 2023 may consider other altcoins with strong fundamentals. One such coin is MEMAG.

The token was developed by the Meta Masters Guild – a Web3 gaming consortium looking to create an ecosystem of standalone, independent games. Each game in the Guild will be required to incorporate the MEMAG token in one way or another, ensuring that the asset has multiple use cases.

These games will also feature in-game incentives known as ‘Gems,’ which can be exchanged for MEMAG tokens. These tokens can then be redeemed or reinvested in various ways within the ecosystem.

The MEMAG token presale is in its sixth stage, having raised over $3.85 million in a few weeks. A token is currently selling for $0.021, with the price rising to $0.023 in the seventh and final stage of the presale.


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