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Opera Expands Its Crypto Offering: Popular Browser Now Adds Support for BTC and TRX Too

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Opera Expands Its Crypto Offering
Opera Expands Its Crypto Offering

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Opera has been one of the most popular internet browsers for over a decade, but even more since it started adding all kinds of changes in the last few years. Quite recently, it added support for cryptocurrencies, with Ethereum and its ERC-20 tokens being the first ones to get supported.

However, Opera stated that it does not plan to stop there, and now, the users of its mobile browser will be quite pleased to learn that Opera has decided to add support for two new coins — Bitcoin and TRON. The support for the two will arrive with the new Android version of the browser.

BTC and TRX now available in Opera mobile browser

As mentioned, until now, Opera only supported ETH and ERC-20 tokens. It added support for these cryptocurrencies only last year. However, with the ever-growing prices, and BTC and TRX being among the most popular coins in the industry, it comes as no surprise that the Norwegian software firm decided to add them next.

Bitcoin’s price has exceeded $13,000 before seeing a correction, and even now, it is well above $11,000. Everyone is looking to buy Bitcoin, believing that the next stop for its price would either be its former all-time high, or an entirely new record price.

Meanwhile, TRON is becoming more and more of a competitor to Ethereum when it comes to dApps and their popularity. With so many of them attracting users, and its blockchain attracting developers from the entire crypto industry, many are looking to buy TRON as well. Not only that, but both coins still see an excellent number of transactions, currently registering as 5th (BTC) and 6th (TRX) busiest blockchains in the industry. In other words, Opera’s choice of coins to add is quite understandable.

However, Android users are not the only ones who will benefit from the new move. Opera also launched support for iOS back in June, and Apple users are likely to receive pretty much the same benefits within only a few months. All of this is part of Opera’s plans to help the internet evolve and reach its next stage — Web 3.0.

Opera becomes the crypto leader among browsers

Despite the fact that Opera is not the biggest browser out there — it is certainly among the biggest ones. However, even so, it remains the leader when it comes to crypto integration. Even though Apple did launch its CryptoKit, it has not provided a serious wallet for Safari. The same is true for Chrome and Bing, but while they still appear to be hesitating to ‘go crypto,’ Opera is embracing the new industry fully.

In fact, the only real contenders to Opera are the Brave browser and blockchain-supported phones that Samsung is currently working on.

When it comes to Brave, it is a browser that uses and promotes Basic Attention Token (BAT). BAT is an ERC-20 token that is used to reward browser users who opt to watch ads, which are otherwise hidden away by the browsers built-in ad block function. Additionally, Brave currently only supports desktop-based payment integrations.

As for Opera, its latest release is still in beta. However, it already allows users to send and receive both coins, as well as access and view their transaction history.

Mobile users are already much better acquainted with crypto payments than they were a year ago, and significantly more than several years ago. Even so, most user interfaces are still not as instinctive and easy to use as they could be. However, in time, this issues will be resolved as well, and Opera is likely to be among the first to achieve this, seen as no other browser is truly doing anything in regards to cryptocurrencies at this time.

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