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Open Your Own Online Casino with Zerocoin in Just 5 Minutes

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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ZeroEdge is a brand new way of gambling online that began as a concept in 2017 and has since moved into a full-blown reality in 2018.

The ZeroEdge gambling model defies conventional online casino gambling by completely removing the traditional house edge found in all conventional online casino games. As a result, the conventional online casino industry is being shaken up, as more and more online gamblers that are tired of being exploited seek to move to a new and innovative solution.

House Edge in Conventional Online Casino Games and How It Works

If you have played online casino games and have noticed that, most of the time you always end up losing all your money, it’s not just because you’re ‘unlucky’. There is actually something that is built into every online casino game that is designed to ensure that you eventually fork over all of your money to the casino. It’s called the house edge and this is how it works.

In a conventional online casino, every single online casino game including every slot, roulette game, blackjack, baccarat, video poker, bingo game and poker game, all have a built-in advantage to the house aka the casino. This house edge is expressed as a percentage and it varies depending on the game in question. It can be as little as 1.0% or as high as 14%, or even more depending on the bet. The house edge is designed to always ensure that the house has more of a chance of winning, and making money, than you do – no matter what.

The ZeroEdge Approach

If the idea of the house edge sounds unfair to you, it is because it is actually unfair. In an ideal world, every player should have a fair shot at winning their bet without concern that the house is effectively cheating in every game.

This is where ZeroEdge comes into the picture and aims to completely change the online casino industry, one casino at a time. ZeroEdge has completely removed the house edge from all of its online casino games, which means that they are bringing that ideal world situation into reality. It means that at ZeroEdge, you can actually gamble and have a completely fair shot of winning your wager.

How You Can Open Your Own Casino with Zerocoin in 5 Minutes

ZeroEdge white label solutions are designed to create a new network of 0% house edge Etehreum casinos that will take on the conventional online casino industry directly. This means that you can now open your own online Bitcoin casinos using the infrastructure and design that ZeroEdge have already put in place. ZeroEdge supplies the 0% house edge online casino games, as well as the means to play them.

Since ZeroEdge is not using conventional currencies but has created its own unique cryptocurrency called Zerocoin, anyone who wishes to play 0% house edge games will first need to invest in Zerocoin. As demand for 0% house edge games increases, along with the need for more 0% house edge online casinos, so the value of Zerocoin will also rise, creating a win-win situation for all involved.

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