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Only 1 Day Left in Current Metropoly Presale Stage as Investors Continue to Accumulate METRO

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Metropoly crypto
Metropoly crypto

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In 2023, Web3 is predicted to become the dominant trend globally, thanks to the considerable investments made in this field, leading to significant outcomes. Even though it has already gained a strong global presence in 2022, the emergence of Web3 as a leading trend is expected in the upcoming year.

Furthermore, the real estate industry is embracing decentralized technology, with a renewed emphasis on implementing innovative concepts such as NFTs. While this topic has been discussed for some time now, recent technological advancements have brought it into the limelight even more prominently.

With its current presale stage coming to an end in just 1 day, it’s worth learning more about Metropoly and getting a sense of how it’s going to change the real estate industry.

Not Much Time Left in the Current Presale stage

By leveraging blockchain technology to provide fractional real estate investment alternatives, the Metropoly platform has achieved significant advancements in the industry.

At present, the Metropoly presale is underway, with the 10th stage soon coming to a close. During the presale, the project has already raised over $1 million. Investors have the option of acquiring the METRO token, an ERC-20 utility token with a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens, during the presale period. The price of one METRO token is $0.0714, and it can be obtained using USDT, ETH, or BNB.

By participating in the presale, investors have the opportunity to become a member of the exclusive Platinum Member’s Club on Metropoly, which provides access to various perks, such as early access to the Metropoly Beta and a Metropoly NFT. The benefits increase in proportion to the investment amount, with higher-tier investors receiving real estate NFTs valued at $10,000 and rental income cashback.

The Metropoly platform is gaining popularity on social media, largely due to its numerous advantages. The prototype platform can be tested by users, highlighting its potential. Additionally, the platform’s contract code has been verified by SolidProof, and the identities of the team members have been verified by CertiK.

Metropoly is a prime example of how blockchain technology can transform the real estate industry by introducing innovative solutions. The platform offers a simple and accessible solution that removes the need for complex bureaucracy, allowing anyone to participate in the real estate market, regardless of their investment size. Whether an individual has $100 or tens of thousands, Metropoly empowers everyone to enjoy the benefits of investing in real estate.

Real Estate Will Forever Be Changed


Transferring real estate investment knowledge from one generation to the next has been a customary practice. However, younger individuals face a significant obstacle in investing in real estate today due to the complex nature of the market and its high costs.

As a result, younger generations are deprived of various benefits associated with investing in real estate, such as protecting against inflation, diversifying their investment portfolios, and investing in profitable tangible assets.

The potential of real estate as a passive income source and a hedge against inflation is a crucial consideration. By investing in real estate, younger generations can establish a reliable source of income, securing their financial stability.

A new blockchain-powered real estate market is emerging to address these issues, providing an economical and accessible way for individuals of various ages and financial situations to invest in real estate.

Metropoly is leading this charge by introducing an NFT marketplace for real estate assets. The NFTs offered by Metropoly are fully backed by tangible properties, enabling everyone to enjoy the advantages of investing in real estate.

Don’t Forget to Check Out the Beta Version of the Platform

Metropoly provides an intuitive and easy-to-use platform for individuals to invest in fractional real estate. The investment process is simple, with users needing only to connect their wallet, browse the marketplace for properties such as villas, apartments, or penthouses, and purchase a fraction starting from $100.

A beta version of the platform is currently accessible for users to explore, allowing them to view the available properties, engage in ongoing auctions, and examine the payouts tab. The Metropoly marketplace will showcase properties from around the world, featuring a leaderboard that displays users’ real estate fraction ownership, performance, and dividend payouts. It is important to note that the properties presented in the prototype are solely for demonstration purposes.

In addition to providing a hassle-free platform, Metropoly offers users a remarkable opportunity to win a $1 million apartment in Burj Khalifa through its $1 million giveaway. The rental income generated by this property has the potential to reach $100,000 per year, making it a significant prize. Users can take part in the contest by completing social and marketing assignments, such as tweeting about Metropoly, subscribing to the Discord and/or Telegram channel, and signing up for the newsletter, among other tasks.

Furthermore, the public launch of the platform is approaching, with the platform set to go live on May 1st.

Hurry Before the Current Presale Stage Ends

Real estate investment has remained a profitable constant despite the unpredictable and rapidly changing market. However, due to the industry’s complexity, it has been challenging for the average person to invest in properties. Metropoly, a blockchain-based platform, seeks to address this issue by offering an accessible and user-friendly platform for real estate investment. The platform allows users to purchase properties from different locations worldwide within minutes, potentially revolutionizing the traditional exclusive investment market and making real estate investment accessible to all. With the current presale stage coming to an end soon, it’s worth checking out Metropoly.

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