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OKEx Pool Promises Users Improved EOS Stability

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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The cryptocurrency mining pool, OKEx Pool, has announced that it plans to use the stability and security platform of EOS through a stable block production.

Since its launch, the pool has broken bounds, as it recently gained the top spot in the EOS block producer ranking. It has also assured investors that it is going to maintain the cryptocurrency’s stability and security by producing blocks on a stable basis.

With the stable production of the EOS blockchain, the mining pool is growing in leaps and bounds, surpassing many other cryptocurrency mining companies in the industry.

This time, it has vowed to continue delivering a stable production of blocks.

OKEx determined to improve market processes

Blockchain producers usually help to keep the network functioning properly. Their reward for the job they do on the network is the EOS. The process is similar to Bitcoin blockchain miners.

Last month, the OKEx mining pool hosted EOS block producer. It also made a good donation to the blockchain community by contributing to EOS ecological development through its votes.

OkEx released a press statement to that effect today, stating that the two supports both Pos/Dpos and Pow mining.

According to the company, the dual mining processes provide rapid developments and innovations in the industry.

The process offers the best service to customers. Besides, it fosters growth in the blockchain community because it helps teams manage their quality projects.

The company stated that it is striving to provide the perfect environment for members of the blockchain community to thrive in the industry.

To keep its promises, OKEx has vowed to maintain the stable supply of stable blocks, which will help to maintain the stability and security of EOS.

Support for IOS staking

Apart from its primary role, the mining pool is now offering supports for IOST staking. Just recently, it became the V systems supermode (VSYS).

It means that users can use Scrypt mining or SHA-256 hardwareon OKEx pool, which can lead to hashrate on the Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, and Bitcoin networks.

Also, OKEX is in the process of developing global compliance standards for crypto exchanges. It is a good development that can increase blockchain market participation.

In particular, OKEx is market participants and exchanges to set up a self-regulated organization (SRO) for the blockchain community.

The organization will help to keep EOS secure and stable, as the blockchain market grows.

Okex’s Head of International Strategy and former NASDAQ executive Enzo Villani, announced this today.

He also stated that many organizations are using a single process to improve the standards for cryptocurrency exchanges.

But his organization is developing a worldwide SRO that meets international standards for crypto exchanges.

Villani also stated that the company is poised to improve the crypto exchange standards with innovative technology.

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