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OKEx Ends Educational Beacon Program

OKEx, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, has finished what it calls its Beacon Program, the European Edition, according to a press release. This program hosted “masterclasses” by top users in the cryptocurrency space, as well as executives within the OKEx exchange, the release notes.

The goal, of course, was to bring more Europeans into the cryptocurrency space, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. These classes included Crypto 101 with Matthew Aaron and Dani Ansalem, for example, which taught people how to do basic things like invest, buy, and store it.

Other classes included ICO mania as well as a focus on South Korea and investing there. The last one was a deep look at tokenomics, hosted by Lennix Lai from OKEx.

Speaking on the matter was one student, Phillip Taffley, who said: “I found the Beacon Program very beneficial, and I am very grateful for being given the opportunity to be part of it.” Beyond the masterclasses and daily news briefings, the program also provided mentorship, which Taffley received from Lennix. Taffley said“As a newbie to the industry this aspect of the course was of particular interest. It helped me gain a good foundation upon which I built a wider understanding by conducting my own research.”

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