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Alternet Systems Reveals ICO to Raise Money for Expansion

Court Approves Class Action Against the $70 Million Paragon ICO
Court Approves Class Action Against the $70 Million Paragon ICO

Alternet Systems, Inc, a company that looks to “commercialize innovations” built on Lithium technology, confirmed that it would be launching an ICO based on its electric vehicle strategy in Africa, a press release notes.

“From its founding in patented lithium technology commercialization,” the release notes, “ALYI has evolved into an innovative electric vehicle company with an initial $300 million electric mobility initiative in Africa designed to rapidly expand beyond the initial $300 million scope. The $300 million initiative includes a key customer for ALYI’s Revolt Electric Motorcycle.”

The bike has gone through multiple rounds of prototyping for one, and is just about ready for production, hence the ICO. It will be for the Kenyan rideshare market and will bring more bikes to the citizens in the country. This ICO will raise some money for them to expand further.

“The planned ALYI investment is one component of the investor’s overall $100 million initial cryptocurrency offering (ICO) strategy. The investor is independently launching an ICO dedicated to funding ALYI’s overall $300 million electric mobility project in Africa with future plans to fund additional electric mobility initiatives in Africa. The investor has already partitioned a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum Blockchain in advance of the planned ICO,” the release reads.

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