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Oasis Network Price Prediction: OASIS Descend 4% – What’s Behind the Downturn?

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Oasis Network Price Prediction: OASIS Descend 4% – What's Behind the Downturn?
Oasis Network Price Prediction: OASIS Descend 4% – What's Behind the Downturn?

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The price of Oasis Network (ROSE) dipped about 0.50% last week and experienced a substantial drop of over 16% in the past month.

Oasis Network, currently trading at around $0.03954, has fallen by more than 3% in the last 24 hours, with a trading volume of approximately 15.40 million. Trading activity has surged more than 70% in the past 24 hours. Given the recent price decline, investors and traders are eyeing the opportunity to buy ROSE at a lower price, potentially leading to increased profits. Let’s explore the potential for ROSE’s Price to rise in the coming weeks.

Analyzing ROSE’s Daily Chart: Identifying Challenges and Opportunities

Look at ROSE’s daily chart to monitor its Price movement, which is crucial. You might notice that there could be support at around $0.03850. If the price goes up, there’s a potential resistance level at approximately $0.04810.

Oasis Network Price Prediction: OASIS Descend 4% – What's Behind the Downturn?
Source: TradingView 4H Chart

When analyzing the chart, remember that resistance at $0.04810 might halt the price increase, while support might be at $0.03850.

The price could reach $0.4810 or more in the coming days if it stays above the 20- and 30-day moving averages.

There’s a possibility of a short-term Price decrease based on moving averages and RSI-14 around 30. Keep an eye on $0.03850 and RSI-14. The price could increase if it breaks through the $0.4810 resistance and the RSI-14 crosses above 50.

Oasis Network (ROSE) Statistics:

  • ROSE Price  – $0.03954
  • ROSE Market cap – $258.7 Million
  • ROSE Circulating supply –   6,542,267,493 ROSE
  • ROSE Total supply –     10,000,000,000 ROSE
  • ROSE CoinMarketCap ranking – 106
Oasis Network Price Prediction: OASIS Descend 4% – What's Behind the Downturn?
Source: CoinMarketCap

Promising Alternative To Oasis Network (ROSE)

The SONIK Coin presale has collected almost $920,000, and they have less than a week to reach their big goal of $2 million. Investors are excited about making money with this new meme coin.

SONIK Coin (SONIK) is inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog and hopes to reach a market value of $100 million. Their impressive progress during the presale caught the crypto community’s attention and generated a lot of excitement.

Discover New Cryptocurrency Investment Prospects with Sonik Coin

SONIK is a new digital currency that operates on the Ethereum ERC20 network. They are now trying to raise $2.1 million by selling their coins.

They have an exciting concept called “Stake to Earn,” which has drawn much interest in cryptocurrency because it can potentially lead to significant profits. Sonik Coin’s primary focus is on this stake concept.

Staking is a way to encourage people to use their coins in a specific way to make them more valuable. To learn more about projects like this, you can check out our list of the most important cryptocurrency sales in 2023.

Sonik Coin Staking: How It’s Distributed, Timeframe, What You Can Earn

The Sonik Coin team believes in involving the community, so they set aside about 40% of their tokens for the stake.

When you stake Sonik Coin, you receive rewards for over four years, which makes it fair for everyone. Their goal is to maintain stability and plan for the future.

It’s great that you can earn so much money with Sonik Coin. To get back 120% of your investment, approximately 19.9 billion coins are staked every year. Every time a new block is added, the system distributes 9,125 rewards.

People in the crypto world are excited about this opportunity to earn more, so they’re joining SONIK. If you want to explore other lesser-known cryptocurrencies, you can check out our guide.

Understanding Sonik Coin: Its Operations, Upcoming Developments

During the presale, they sell half (50%) of the tokens. Another 10% is used for trading, and the rest is set aside for rewarding people who hold onto their tokens. In total, these tokens are worth around $299 billion.

Sonik Coin aims to stand out from other meme coins and reach a $100 million value. People can keep their tokens and receive rewards. They have something called ‘Stake to Speed.’

Sonik Coin goes through various steps, like creating tokens and memes and spreading the word about it. Although SONIK is still new, it’s gaining a lot of attention.

The team is doing a fantastic job promoting it. They have more than 1,500 followers on Twitter and over 1,350 members on Telegram for Sonik Coin.

Sonik Coin is attracting a lot of attention, even from a well-known YouTuber in the crypto world who believes it has potential. Sonik Coin could become a significant project that grows substantially. Having more funds might help their plan succeed even better.

This could involve collaborating closely with influential figures on Twitter and YouTube and partnering with various crypto communities. To participate in the SONIK presale, you can visit


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