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Kevin Rose’s Proof Collective Adds A New Background To Its Moonbirds NFTs

Moonbirds NFTs
Moonbirds NFTs

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Proof Collective, a renowned group comprising illustrious artists and collectors and the team behind the popular Moonbirds non-fungible token collection, has announced its partnership with Chromie Squiggle. This strategic integration will allow the digital asset firm to add its old NFT collection to a new background.

Moonbirds NFTs Get A New Background

In an August 30 blog post, Moonbirds confirmed integrating Chromie Squiggle, an NFT project from digital artist Snow Fall. The digital asset firm “Proof Collective” anticipates using Chromie Squiggle colors to flex its old NFTs with a new, vibrant background.

Launched in April 2022, Moonbirds is an NFT collection featuring a limited edition of 10,000 hosted on the Ethereum network. The NFT collection was created by prominent American internet entrepreneur Kevin Rose as part of his recently established Proof Collective, a private members-only collective of NFT collectors and artists.

Since it’s much more complex and time-consuming to deploy a non-fungible token on-chain, Kevin Rose, the digital artist and crypto investor, and his fellow developers created Moonbirds off-chain with a special feature in the contract that allowed for a future on-chain upgrade.

The teams behind Moonbirds NFT development started upgrading some of its old NFT collection, one bird at a time, in November 2022. At the time, NFT holders who made the switch could unlock a “Perpetual Pioneer” stamp and brand-new backgrounds.

Today, in partnership with Chromie Squiggle, the Moonbirds team has placed the remaining birds on-chain, preserving the entire collection forever on the blockchain. Each Moonbirds NFT is now assembled by contracts from on-chain image layers.

In the meantime, all nested birds can show their on-chain history as a Day One Nester, PROOF Collective member, Grails Full Set collector, “Max Pain,” “Proceed with Caution,” or a Chromie Squiggle holder. The team has also developed a processing engine that could store all layers in the collection for just 0.37 ETH.

Moonbirds NFT Sales Pump 290% In The Past 24 Hrs

Moonbirds has reacted shortly to the recent upgrade, pumping more than 290% on its trading sales volume. In the past 24 hours, Moonbirds NFT collection has recorded a trading sales volume of 30 ETH. The NFT collection has a market cap of $22 million and a floor price of $2,192.

Moonbirds NFTs

Source:, Moonbirds NFT Trading Activity

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