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Nvidia Teams With Microsoft To Let Users Access Industrial Metaverse & AI Via Cloud

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NVIDIA Microsoft Logo
NVIDIA Microsoft Logo

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Multinational tech giant Nvidia has partnered with Microsoft to provide hundreds of millions of Microsoft enterprise users exclusive access to the powerful industrial metaverse and artificial intelligence (AI) supercomputing resources through Azure Cloud.

Nvidia Taps Microsoft To Let Users Access Metaverse Via Cloud

In a March 21 press release, Nvidia confirmed partnering with Microsoft to bring industrial metaverse users through the Azure cloud. Microsoft Azure will host Nvidia Omniverse Cloud, a platform allowing users to design, deploy and manage industrial 3D metaverse applications, and Nvidia DGX, an AI supercomputing service letting users access advanced models for generative AI.

Nvidia anticipates fusing Microsoft 365 applications, such as Teams, One Drive, and SharePoint, with its Nvidia Omniverse. The partnership will help enterprises adopt metaverse to digitize their operations and gain exposure for generative AI applications.

Nvidia DGX Cloud will be available for Microsoft Azure users beginning next quarter. It will offer enterprises dedicated clusters of AI supercomputing and software every month. While commenting about the new collaboration with Microsoft, Jensen Huang, the founder of Nvidia, remarked:

“The world’s largest companies are racing to digitalize every aspect of their business and reinvent themselves into software-defined technology companies. Nvidia AI and Omniverse supercharge industrial digitalization. Building Nvidia Omniverse Cloud within Microsoft Azure brings customers the best of our combined capabilities.”

In turn, Satya Nadella, the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, commented:

“The next wave of computing is being born, between next-generation immersive experiences and advanced foundational AI models, we see the emergence of a new computing platform. We’re focused on both building out services that bridge the digital and physical worlds to automate, simulate and predict every business process, and bringing the most powerful AI supercomputer to customers globally.”

Microsoft And Nvidia Metaverse Integration

Under new metaverse integration, companies using Azure Cloud Services “Digital Twins and Internet of Things” can link real-time data from sensors in the physical world to their digital replicas. The integration will enable enterprises to build accurate, dynamic, fully functional 3D digital twins that respond to changes in their physical environments.

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