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NFT Signals Has A Makeover – Check Out The New Look Signals Service

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

NFT Signals
NFT Signals

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While the NFT space was suffering from the brunt of the bear market, there was one platform that, to this day, continues to make gains for NFT flippers. NFT Signals, the NFT signals service provider, has gone through a major overall.

The platform that has made close to $1 billion profit for its users has rebranded itself and calls itself the Ultimate NFT Alpha Group – and looking at this platform’s performance, we agree.

NFT Signals was released a little over a year ago, but it was only five months before today that the platform took a stride. As NFT flippers started to rake in the moolah even during sub-optimal markets, people started to take notice, and now, the platform has amassed over $950 million in profits overall.

Reports show that NFT signals have delivered a 42% return on investment for the devs, and the platform has a success rate of 93%.

NFT signals have also established partnerships with industry-leading websites like to stimulate the NFT economy. That way, top NFT projects can find their way on NFT signals – creating massive profit margins for flippers and creators.

How NFT Signals Made Profits Even During the Crypto Winter

When the crypto markets fell last year, interest in things related to crypto – like NFTs – also hit all-time lows. Mega NFT projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club started to slump, and even the news that celebs invested in NFTs couldn’t stand in the face of strong headwinds from crypto detractors.

While this fact is true – there was much more than meets the eye.

In reality, the NFT crowd is niche – and has a lot of exclusive offers on display than we can see. Also, the real sentiment of the NFT market cannot be gleaned by just looking at social media. The tweets often consist of overly-passionate conversations that don’t let us see the logical picture.

That’s where platforms like NFT signals shine. The platform offers highly- researched, curated signals that consider subtle factors that move the price of an NFT – elements that you can’t always note by looking at the market traditionally.

Members get access to these high-quality signals through Telegram and Discord to follow make rapid trading decisions to make the most out of the current markets.

Affordable Signals Are Available on NFT Signals

The secret sauce behind NFT Signals’ success is the affordability of its services. No longer would you need to shell out massive amounts just to get a hint at the price movements. With NFT Signals, you get complete curated signals packages at affordable costs.

There are three levels of paid memberships – you can choose depending on how often you trade in NFTs.

You can go for the Annual package if you’re eagle-eyed about NFTs and want to make the most out of it. Quarterly and Monthly Packages are available for less-intense traders.

Here is the breakdown of the subscription fees.

  1. Monthly Membership – $83
  2. Annual Membership – $277
  3. Quarterly Membership – $83

Most members go for the quarterly membership that offers 5 NFT trading signals per week and a chance for viewers to learn from professional NFT traders.

NFT Signals Overhaul is More than Just Looks – The New Features Aim to Make NFT Trades Even More Inclusive

The NFT Signals’ recent overhaul isn’t skin deep, but a lot of changes have been made to its features to make the platform more inclusive, more powerful, and more transparent.

These new additions aim to bring more value to traders in a market that is growing more volatile by the day.

NFT Signals is Now Showing the Record of Every Trading Signal Public

A lot can be predicted about trades if you can have a peek at their past. Therefore, NFT Signals is about to launch the most critical feature of all – breakdown of Monthly trading signals.

A learning module, this module will give you an insight into the best-performing trading signals. Learn the reason behind that excellent performance and have a new way to look at the market.

The latest report shows that there were that 47 major NFT deals were completed through the platform in December and generated a 13$ Profit – 8.72 ETh or ($13.k at the time of writing). The platform performed best in the months of August and September, as it yielded 72% returns for members. Trades are calculated on the platform based on 1 NFT per trade.

November saw the completion of 37 NFT deals and generated an average profit of 8.776 ETH that – at the time when the report was made, was equal to $11,234. The platform helped members generate close to $115 million in profits in October 2022.

Get NFT Signals Newsletters Regularly And Interact with the Brand New News Section

New features also include email newsletters for those who sign up. And with the latest “News” section, it is easy to keep up with the latest ongoing of the NFT space.

For instance, the latest news shows that Trump NFTs are experiencing a resurgence of 800%. Blogs are also a great way to learn about the trending NFTs – a good way to scout projects to invest in (or stay away from).

The logo has also gone through a chance because of a rebrand. You now have a pulsating logo of above the text NFT signals – the animation makes the entire system look more authentic and appealing to many users.

NFT Signals is About to Drop More Features

“We have more new and exciting feature coming to our platform soon, which we will inform the community about as soon as we have more to say”, said Darnell McWilliams, head of marketing at NFT signals.

McWilliams also thanked those whose continued support has been responsible for generating $ 1 billion in profit for traders. The head of marketing also has asked newbies to try out the free signals just to get a taste of what this platform can bring to all traders.

NFT Signals Offer a Better Chance at Growth to NFT Flippers

Flipping NFTs has always been THE way to quickly generate revenue from NFTs. But understanding the market trends can be cumbersome. NFT Signals, thus, offers a single platform through which traders can check out the best trading signals and make split-second trading decisions to make the most profits

The three different packages we discussed offer the following features.

  1. Access to at least 5 signals per week – 20 to 40 signals per month
  2. Info about getting on the whitelist of upcoming projects
  3. Alerts about free mint
  4. Consultations from veteran NFT flippers about NFT trading

NFT trades can be volatile – and NFT Signals isn’t blind to it. That is why it openly recommends only indulging in small trades that only take up to 5% of your account balance. The platform also is a big proponent of not focusing on large and beyond-affordable trades needlessly.

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