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NFT Sales Pump 8.5% To $180M In Past 7 Days – Are NFT Collections Back In Action?

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NFTs Pump high
NFTs Pump high

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The non-fungible token market continues thriving despite the recent general crypto market resistance, negative sentiments and intense regulatory pressure. NFT sales jumped 8.5% this week, recording $180 million in the past seven days.

NFT Sales Sharply Spike This Week, Raising 8.5%

According to Crypto Slam, the non-fungible token trading sales volume pumped sharply this week, surging 8.5% in the past seven days. Data analysis shows that NFT trading sales volume rose to over $181 million this week.


NFT sales

NFT Sales:

Ethereum-based NFTs took the lion’s share, amassing $126 million. Solana NFTs emerged second, recording a sales volume of $19 million, while Polygon, an Ethereum scaling solution, attracted $15 million. The remaining share out of the $180 million raised was shared among NFTs on other networks.

During this period, NFTs sales on Ethereum, the second-seeded blockchain network after Bitcoin, spiked 0.93%, while Solana-based NFTs pumped 53.08%. NFTs sales on Polygon, the leading chain for Web3 projects, surged more than 17% this week.

NFT Buyers Rose 41%, Polygon Takes Top Spot

The total number of buyers in the NFT market trended higher this week, surging 41% to 355,425 in the past 7 days. Polygon network dominated the higher number of NFT buyers at 116,050, while Ethereum followed closely with 114,541. Solana distantly followed with 45,889.

In the past seven days, the number of NFT buyers at Polygon has surged by more than 58%, while at Solana, the number rose by more than 38%. Other the same period, the number of NFT buyers at Ethereum rose by over 36%.

Nonetheless, the number of transactions across the NFT market has fallen this week, recording just 1.2 million transactions in the past seven days.NFT transactions on Ethereum fell by 38%. Figures on Solana flipped 3.88% and 3.8% on Polygon.

Top 5 NFTs In Trading Sales Volume In The Past 7 Days

1. Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs

Bored Ape Yacht Club, an NFT collection from digital asset incubation studio Yuga Labs, emerged as the top traded NFT collection this week, attracting more than $16 million in the past seven days.NFT sales in the Bored Ape Collection surged 110%.

In the past seven days, the number of Bored Ape NFTs buyers has risen 5.8%, while the number of sellers has risen 27%. During this period, the number of transactions surged by 98% to 167. This NFT collection continues to dominate the top-selling NFT list on various aggregator platforms.

2. Azuki

Blue-chip tier NFT collection Azuki followed the top five lists in NFTs sales, amassing more than $8 million in the past seven days. Azuki, an NFT collection featuring a limited edition of 10,000 anime NFTs, saw a 6.8% spike in NFTs sales this week.

The number of collectors who bought Azuki NFTs increased by 18%, while the number of seller surged 7.2% to 281 buyers and 327 sellers, respectively. The number of Azuki NFT transactions increased by more than 30%.

3. Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs

Mutant Ape Yacht Club, another NFT Collection from Yuga Labs, featuring 20,000 NFTs, emerged third in NFT trading sales volume this week. MAYC NFT sales surged 10.98% to $5 million in the past seven days. The number of buyers soared 44%, while sellers rose 19.42% this week.

4. The Mad Lads NFTs

The Mad Lad, one of Solana’s hottest non-fungible token collections, takes fourth place in NFTs Sales this week. The NFT collection recorded a trading sales volume of $4.8 million, attracting 4,525 NFT buyers and 2,943 NFT sellers.

5. The Captainz NFTs

The Captainz, an NFT collection featuring a fixed set of 9,999 NFTs on the Ethereum network, closes the top five in NFT trading sale volume this week. The NFT collection has raised more than 4.3 million in sales.

However, The Captainz has fallen short in NFT buyers and sellers in the past seven days. The most expensive NFT collection in the last seven days was CryptoPunk #2356, which sold for $380,483 five day ago. The second was Azuki #6954, which sold for $358,249 three days ago.

The third most expensive NFT collection this week was Autoglyphs #145, which sold for $286,709 yesterday. The top three NFT marketplaces in terms of sales volume for this past week were Blur, Opensea, and the Immutable X market, respectively.

Popular NFT Drops This Week – Cool Cats, Doodles And More

1. Truth Labs Drops New Collection

Earlier this week, Truth Labs, the parent company behind the popular Goblintown NFT collection, launched a new non-fungible token collection. The new NFT collection aimed to replace the old Goblintown NFT collections, which collapsed last year.

2. Nike Drops One Force 1 NFT Collection

Nike, the luxury sportswear brand, through its new platform for virtual creation, .SWOOSH, launched its first digital-creation collection, Our Force 1(OF1). The new NFT collection was a tribute to its first 50 years of service delivery. Today, the famous sportswear brand has 59 years in the industry.

3. Trump Drops 2nd Digital Trading Card NFTs

Donald Trump, the former President of the United States and crypto investor, unleashed the second batch of his digital trading cards collection mid this week. The NFT collection was part of 47,000 Trump Digital Trading Cards minted on the Polygon blockchain last year. Trump NFTs sold in less than 24 hours, raising more than $4.8 million.

4. Cool Cats Launches New NFT Collection

Blue-chip NFT collection Cool Cats has also launched its highly-anticipated Shadow Wolves NFT collection. The NFT collection features a limited edition of 11,575 Profile Picture (PFP) themed NFTs. Shadow Wolves NFTs minting will end on May 19.

5. Blue-chip NFT Collection Doodles Drops New NFTs

Blue chip non-fungible token project Doodles has also launched a new NFT collection this week. Doodles, an NFT collection featuring 10,000 cartoons NFTs, partnered with luxury fashion brand BBC Ice Cream to launch the new Phygital NFT collection.

Love Hate Inu Raises $5 Million From Its Token Presale

Love Hate Inu is another non-fungible token project that has performed well this week. Love Hate Inu is a vote-to-earn project, allowing users to participate in meme polls and mint survey results as NFTs. The new project has raised more than $5 million from its token presale.


Even though the NFT market this year’s second quarter cannot be compared with last year, the sector appeared to be crawling back to its upside trajectory after suffering a brutal downtrend last year. The NFT market will soon begin seeing more potential savvy investors who previously abandoned NFTs due to past years’ downtrends.

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