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NFT Gaming Is Back – Here’s The Five Top NFT Games To Check Out in H2,2024

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Top NFT Games
Top NFT Games

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The non-fungible token games have regained traction after the frenzy that led to their mainstream adoption faded. Non-fungible token-based gaming received massive adoption among gamers during the 2021-2022 bull run but lost their initial traction months later. In this article, we shall check out the top NFT Games to check out in H2, 2024.

In a July 4 analytic report,, an on-chain crypto market data aggregator and a multi-chain non-fungible token explorer, has noted that the decentralized gaming sector has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry for the past three years, making the total market capitalization of around $16 billion. Below, we have listed some of the top NFT games to watch out for this second half of the year according to the report:

1. Shrapnel: Competitive AAA Extraction FPS

Shrapnel, a AAA first-person shooter (FPS) game developed by Seattle-based Neon Machine, is a non-fungible token-based gaming platform to watch closely this season. According to the developers, early access for Shrapnel will be available in 2024, with the game’s public release set for 2025.

Shrapnel is an NFT game set in a universe where an asteroid has collided with the moon, causing lunar meteorites to bombard a 500-kilometre-wide band around the Earth, and this area is left uninhabitable and walled off from the rest of the world. The NFT game allows gamers to play as a Mercenary Extraction Force (MEF) Operator member to enter the war Zone. Players collect gear (as NFTs) from players killed in action, which they can use to build their load-outs in future sessions.

2. Heroes of Mavia: Mobile Base-Builder Strategy Game

Heroes of Mavia, a multi-player strategy game developed by Skrice Studios and built on Base, is another NFT game to look closely at this year. The base-builder strategy NFT game packs many challenges for gamers: develop your City, train your army, battle with neighbouring kingdoms, and expand your territory in the quest for supremacy.

Heroes of Mavia allows gamers to mint Lands, decorations, statues, skins, weapons, building tools, and other game items as NFTs. Gamers build their cities, securing their base with walls, turrets, and traps to ward off competing neighbours. Heroes of Mavia NFT game is available for mobile devices and can be downloaded from the Apple Store for iOS devices and Google Play store for Android devices.

3. Pixels: Idle Farming Game

Pixel, an idle farming game built on the Ronin Network, is another non-fungible token game to check this year. The NFT game allows players to develop their virtual avatars through 15 different skills, creating items that can be sold to NPCs in the game, trading with other players, or decorating their plots of farmland.

Pixel NFT Game allows gamers to purchase Pixels LAND, which they can develop and decorate to their liking. There are only 5,000 plots, which give owners extra inventory space, no trading and withdrawal limits, a PIXEL earning multiplier, and more. The NFT game also has a utility token, “PIXEL,” which allows the game to buy items, upgrades, and cosmetics outside of Pixels’ main gameplay.

4. Guild of Guardians: Fantasy RPG Powered By Immutable X

Guild of Guardians, a fantasy role-playing strategy game powered by Immutable X, an Ethereum Layer Two network, is another NFT game to follow in the second half of 2024. The role-playing strategy game allows gamers to build a formidable team of Guardians and march to glory against the teeming Dread. The NFT game allows gamers to purchase characters as NFTs. Each NFT has unique characteristics and abilities.

5. Aurory: Seekers of Tokane

Seekers of Tokane, a rogue-like turn-based RPG created by Aurory on the Solana network, is another NFT game to check out this season. The NFT game allows players to take on the Seeker role, exploring the Lands of Tokane filled with creatures known as Nefties, which players can acquire as companions on their journey. The NFT Game allows gamers to buy Aurorians, Nefties, Neftie eggs, and other collectibles as NFTs.

More NFT games to check on this H2,2024 include Gas Hero: Mobile Social and Strategy Game on Solana, Parallel: Trading Card Game on Ethereum, Hytopia: Sandbox Game Resembling Minecraft, Legends of Elumia: Fantasy MMORPG on Solana, and Axie Homeland: Idle Game Set In The Axie Infinity Universe.

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