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Next Cryptocurrency To Explode Wednesday, May 15 — Pendle, MUMU THE BULL, Starknet, Axelar

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Earning significant ROI in a bull market could mean paying attention to the meme coins and Altcoins with explosive potential. However, identifying the next cryptocurrencies to explode might be a bit challenging as most funds are attracted to pumping assets.

Today’s article explores the performance of cryptocurrencies that have dominated the gainers list in the last 24 hours. The objective is to identify the next cryptocurrencies to explode and inform investors and traders about each token. Also included in the post is an overview of the market trend of crypto assets, which have the potential to post significant gains in the future. 

Next Cryptocurrency To Explode 

It’s that time in the market when investors and traders take a position to either edge their gains or capitalize on emerging trends. Experts believe investors have a better chance of finding the next cryptos to explode among upcoming crypto projects. With that in mind, investors should explore the potential of Mega Dice. The project aims to reward current casino users with many benefits while drawing in new ones. Updates on the project and its prospects are shared below.

1. Pendle (PENDLE)

Today, PENDLE is priced at $4.15. Over the past day, EOS’s price rose by 5.15%. The total market cap has fallen by 33.74% to $626,331,748. On the other hand, trading volume in the last 24 hours surged by 49.18%, reaching $88,506,866. This shows that although the market value dropped, there’s still significant trading activity.

PENDLE Price Chart

Pendle’s current trading is impressive, at 429.98% above the 200-day SMA of $0.778006. The sentiment for EOS price prediction is bullish, reinforcing the positive outlook. The Fear & Greed Index stands at 64 (Greed), suggesting an increase in token transactions and growing market confidence. In the last year, Pendle’s price jumped by 801%, doing better than 94% of other top crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This shows how well it’s doing.

Pendle has strong basics, a dedicated crypto community, and a unique value. It could go even higher in the future. If Pendle teams up with other networks, like through partnerships, its coin could go past $5.00 by 2024. If the crypto market stays buoyant, we expect EOS Coin to be around $4.15 in 2024.

2. Mega Dice (DICE)

Mega Dice‘s recent token launch is causing a stir in The GameFi industry. During its presale, it collected over $1 million. The DICE token is at the heart of its new gaming system, which aims to reward current casino users while drawing in new ones. People are eager to get DICE tokens for the best deal possible, but some might miss out since there’s only a limited supply.

The Mega Dice token’s presale is just beginning, offering buyers a chance to get it at a low price. However, once 14.7 million DICE are sold, the price is expected to increase. Currently, 13.4 million DICE have already been sold. This shows that the presale is gaining momentum, approaching the $1 million mark in total funds raised. 

Mega Dice boasts 50,000 players and over $50 million monthly wagers, making it a big name in crypto casino circles. This suggests that its current momentum could continue. If you buy DICE early, you’ll receive extra rewards and benefits. 

Staking encourages people to hold onto their tokens for a long and participate in the cryptocurrency community. When you stake DICE in Mega Dice, it helps keep the token stable and encourages loyalty in the community. Plus, you can earn rewards with little effort. Stakeholders also get special bonuses, offers, and access to games.

Lucky Mega Dice Casino players will receive special NFTs with exclusive rewards or privileges. You can also trade these NFTs if you want. Moreover, DICE holders can get a 25% revenue share through the Mega Dice Referral Program.

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Mumu the Bull is a relatively new token on Solana that aims to unite people in the crypto community. Currently priced at $0.00001091, MUMU has surged by 41.82% in the last day, showing positive market feelings. This increase follows a significant drop, but token holders are happy with the turnaround, seeing it as a chance to buy while the price is low.

Some experts suggest waiting before buying MUMU until it surpasses the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level at $0.00001721. This level marks where the price might stabilize or change direction after a big move, and traders often use it to make decisions.

Mumu the Bull Price Chart

If the MUMU bulls push the price beyond $0.00001721, more people might want to buy. However, we can hope for an upward trend only when the price closes above the 50% Fibonacci mark at $0.00002108.

In an optimistic scenario, MUMU’s price could rise above the 38.2% Fibonacci level, hitting $0.00002494. If a candlestick closes above this level in 12 hours, it could signal a further uptrend, possibly reaching as high as $0.00003747. This would be a significant climb, almost 160% higher than current prices.

4. Starknet (STRK)

Over the last six months, Starknet (STRK) has increased by 487.001%. Currently, it’s valued between $1.11 and $1.35. However, it dropped by 13.45% in the past week, followed by a monthly decline of 22.19%, showing a continued downward trend. Its current prices are below the 10-day and 100-day moving averages, at $1.19 and $1.22, respectively.

The RSI and Stochastic indicators suggest Starknet isn’t overbought or oversold, with readings of 44.57 and 46.16. MACD levels are slightly negative, possibly indicating a correction phase. Resistance lies at $1.51, while support is at $1.03.

Starknet Price Chart

On May 8th, 2024, STRK tweeted their goal to reduce gas fees below $0.01 and become the L2 with the highest TPS capacity, aiming for several hundred TPS. Another tweet announced gas fees were reduced to $0.001, enabling various use cases like micro-payment protocols, DePIN marketplaces, and gaming.

If STRK gains bullish momentum and faces resistance from the 20-day EMA on the daily chart, sellers might break support and push the price to a new low. Conversely, if demand remains high, it could rebound from the current level.

5. Axelar (AXL)

In 2020, Axelar was established as a decentralized interoperability network. It links all blockchain ecosystems and applications and has support from big names like Binance, Coinbase, Dragonfly, Galaxy, and Polychain.

Just recently, Axelar revealed that it’s integrating more than 60 chains into its Interchain Amplifier devnet-phase pilot. This includes chains like Stacks, Moonriver, Hedera Network, and Iron Fish. The Interchain Amplifier is a developer toolkit that uses smart contracts to automate routing and translation across Axelar’s blockchains. This makes it easier for new chains to join without needing permission.

Axelar Price Chart

Axelar’s Interchain Amplifier now includes over 60 chains, such as Stacks, Moonriver, Hedera Network, and Iron Fish. It promises smooth connectivity across major blockchain networks without needing permission. Even though cross-chain adoption faces challenges, with only 13% of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) addresses having transactions across chains, Axelar’s recent advancements could change this sector soon.

Axelar’s method for connecting different blockchains is attracting attention from developers and users. Recent data from the blockchain itself shows that usage has grown significantly, increasing by more than 31,000% since October 2023.

Over 270,000 people have used Axelar’s solution, suggesting it is becoming more popular within the wider cryptocurrency community. Especially in the Ethereum world, Axelar is standing out, surpassing competitors like Wormhole and LayerZero in terms of usage.

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