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Next BAYC or CryptoPunks? Discover Hot New NFTs to Buy Using

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The last few weeks haven’t gone very well for NFTs enthusiasts, as the NFT market is witnessing a bearish trend these days. The price of leading NFTs like BAYC and CryptoPunks has gone below $100,000, thereby sending shock waves across the investor community. BAYC is being traded for $93,052, while CryptoPunks can be bought for $101,671.

Overall, the NFT market is going down, which makes it important for investors to start exploring different projects. One such project that has attracted the attention of the community is Launchpad, which comes out as a better investment option for NFT enthusiasts. One can literally browse through any metaverse platform and find out different brand experiences with the help of Launchpad.

Launchpad will help its users understand and acing the art of the Web3 ecosystem, from detailed analytics and insights to industry sentiment and relevant information. It will allow its users to know which projects could be the next BAYC or CryptoPunks with substantial financial upside. Read ahead as we discuss how one can capitalize its crypto and NFT investments using the features of Launchpad.

Launchpad is the Home for Web3

Launchpad aims to be the home of Web3 by developing a humanized and curated platform that offers easy access to the top projects in the blockchain space. One can conveniently experience the best of NFTs and play-to-earn games in the world of Launchpad. The platform will act as a gateway for increased adoption of Web3 among young people and a one-stop destination for Web3 lovers. If you are an NFT enthusiast, you can easily find the list of NFTs that are in demand. You can identify the potential of the latest NFT releases. Further, one can even curate its collection in its NFT gallery.

Launchpad will also rank assets on the basis of its Launchpad Quotient (LQ), which will provide an idea to the users regarding which asset to buy or sell. The platform also looks forward to fractionalize assets on the basis of their recognized historical value and allowing its users to invest in specific assets for a fraction of their present investment level. These fractionalized assets will be available for trade on the decentralized exchange of Launchpad. The platform will provide insights to its users regarding the utility tokens, which would help them in making better investment decisions.

Launchpad will offer a detailed analysis of leading crypto tokens and trading insights from top-notch market experts. Users can also get to know the list of exchanges offering better liquidity from this analysis. You will be able to determine opportunities for arbitrage from the trading analysis available on Launchpad. Nowadays, play-to-earn games are making a lot of buzz in the Web3 space, which is why, Launchpad will also capitalize on them by providing access to the latest P2E games. A user can get to know its potential earnings, observe active participants, and wager on results with other participants on this platform.

Making Investments Using Decentralised Exchange

The decentralized exchange on Launchpad will allow its users to deal in more than 100 pairs of crypto assets. One can even stake $LPX tokens to get a fee reduction in its purchase transaction. Further, Launchpad will also host an NFT decentralized exchange that would allow peer-to-peer trading of non-fungible tokens. As mentioned earlier, one can get a fee reduction during an NFT transaction if one stake LPX tokens.

Launchpad NFTs

Users can also leverage the features of an API-driven trading platform while making their trade decisions. They will be getting access to actionable trading insights within the trading terminal. Once the Launchpad’s AI search box is launched, users can get their queries resolved instantaneously with the help of artificial intelligence. They can even get a list of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in with suggestions for profitable portfolio choices. Another distinct feature of Launchpad is the distribution of whitelisting spots to its users, which allows them to get the latest NFTs, even if they are oversubscribed.

Presale of LPX tokens

The native token of Launchpad is LPX, which is currently up for presale. Almost 250 million LPX tokens can be bought by users at a discounted price during this presale. The price of 1 LPX is $0.035, which will increase in the further stages of the presale. Its value will go up to $0.0375 in the next stage of the presale. At the time of writing, about $154,000 has already been raised by the presale, which highlights a good amount of interest shown by the investors in this presale. When the presale concludes, LPX tokens will get listed on the Launchpad exchange for a price of $0.07 per token, which is almost two times its starting value.

Launchpad Presale

One can easily get LPX tokens from the website of Launchpad without browsing any third-party exchange for the purchase. The funds that would be collected from the presale of LPX tokens will be deployed in multiple activities, including the development of the DEX market, platform development, user acquisition, and core team. If one wants to access the premium features of this platform, one would require a minimum of 10,000 LPX tokens. As the presale will be conducted in over ten phases and its value will rise in the successive phases, investors should consider making early investments in these tokens before their price goes up. Users can claim their LPX tokens after the conclusion of the presale, which will get reflected in their wallet account.

If you are interested in purchasing the LPX tokens, then you only need to follow some simple steps. Go to the official website of Launchpad, and enter the quantity of ETH or BNB you want to swap for LPX tokens by using the widget. Take down the gas cost, and confirm the purchase transaction in your digital wallet. You can also make the purchase using your bank card. Connect your digital wallet, and complete the order after selecting the card option in the widget.


If you want to capitalize on the upside potential of a bull market, then it becomes necessary to start investing in the presale of good projects. One such project that holds the potential to transform the Web3 space is Launchpad. Given the strong fundamentals of this project, one should consider making early investments in this project, as you get the opportunity of doubling your investment as soon as the listing of these tokens take place.

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