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New Tor-Based DEX Platform, Bisq, Receives Millions In Trading Volumes

New Tor-Based DEX Platform, Bisq, Receives Millions In Trading Volumes
New Tor-Based DEX Platform, Bisq, Receives Millions In Trading Volumes

For the most part within the crypto industry, there are two camps when it comes to regulation. There is one camp that shuns any and all forms of it, declaring it as excessive and oppressive. Then, there is the other side: Which simply accepts it as the crypto industry “settling” in the financial world. As the world is slowly accepting and incorporating the crypto industry within the greater financial sector, these two groups are clashing more than ever.

Crypto Opening Many Avenues

However, the crypto industry is a whole other beast entirely, and it seems that even with the governments of the world taking steps to regulate it, new avenues of anonymous exchange have come forth. A new, up-and-coming anonymous exchange goes by the name of Bisq, and isn’t even a proper exchange: It’s a Bitcoin node. While small-scale compared to giants like Binance and Kraken, Bisq is still processing millions of dollars worth of BTC every week.

Bisq is a decentralized exchange, or DEX, that makes use of a desktop software application coupled with a Bitcoin node to process payments. The DEX managed to achieve as much as $8 million per week in peer-to-peer trading volumes.

The Hoops To Go Through

Of course, the DEX is both smaller in scale and more complicated in nature. Thus, through the use of computer resources, the exchange synchronizes at a delayed rate as opposed to the instant results that large scale exchanges manage to bring.

The software automatically creates a Bitcoin address that serves as the user’s account. Thus, a new user already needs to possess some BTC in order to deposit funds into the exchange.

Decentralized In Operation and Regulation

The exchange operates by way of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) as well as anonymous arbitrators in order to govern the network. This system is primarily used to handle disputes, should a party abuse the inherent trust and vulnerabilities that such an exchange allows for.

The payment processes itself was designed to operate without any third-party. Instead, an automatic system connects both buyers and sellers with each other, with both parties allowed to choose their own form of fiat transactions. There is a complex system in place to generate revenue for the trading expenses as well as to support the developers, making sure everyone walks away from a winner should trade be made successfully.

Due to this nature, Bisq is beyond the restriction of both various ISPs and ICANN itself, since the entire operation can be done through a home computer by way of a proxy.

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