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New Social Media Platform Launched on EOS

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

EOS [EOS] Price Analysis
EOS [EOS] Price Analysis

Join Our Telegram channel to stay up to date on breaking news coverage has announced a new social media platform known as Voice.  Based on the generally used blockchain, EOS but at the same time removing the strangleholds of business authority.

In an early statement, the team responsible for developing this network stated that everything would be totally straightforward and clear and that this new social media platform will give confidence to the users, something that in recent times, has made users steer clear of social media platforms such as Facebook.

The statement also mentions that the content of the Voice is disseminated back to the users to their benefit, and not to boost the financial standings of the business.

CEO Brendan Blumer stressed that Voice would see the people as the most important and not financial gains.

The development of social media platforms and their operations

Brendan Blumer continued to share with the media his concerns that currently, the platform is the beneficiary of the content of the respective platform and not the user. Valuable information such as details of users, what they like to see and what they share is being sold to public companies who then inundate the pages of users with the information they do not want to see, and surreptitious plans by those who had paid the highest sum of money for the information. Voice will introduce a new way of operating.

How will Voice work?

  • Digital cryptocurrency exchanges and as such online crypto trading in the form of Voice tokens will play an important role in what is offered to users.
  • With all subscribers being treated in the same way and operating under the same regulations, this will remove those with secret plans and mobile designs and ways of following and retrieving information.
  • The Voice is available for software users and it wants only real people.
  • The Voice will have certain methods to determine if the person creating a profile is, in fact, human or if it is robotic. Second and third accounts for one person will not be permitted.
  • The value of using Voice and how it works
  • Voice tokens will be given to compensate designers who create content for the platform.

The moment a post is made public and fellow users indicate their approval and ‘like’ it, Voice tokens are earned, and the report becomes more widely viewed and with that comes the opportunity of greater return.

The Voice tokens earned can be used to push your comment to the top of the list and by so doing, know that everyone on the platform sees it.  Should you lose your spot at the top of the list, your tokens will be returned with a bonus of extra Voice.

The future of and Voice

In June of 2018, Blockchain introduced EOS to its profile and this raised over $4 billion.  It is the intention of this software application company to promote blockchain to ensure that it is widely accessible and that it gives confidence to the convenient day-to-day programs.

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