New ‘Smart Hub’ Warehouse Takes Advantage of Blockchain, IoT Technology

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A blockchain-based warehouse is now live in Bahrain, a state near the Persian Gulf. This space is taking advantage of emerging technology like blockchain and IoT to serve customers.

Considered a “SmartHub” warehouse for food and pharmaceuticals, this warehouse will serve countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which consists of Kuwait, Oman, Quatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain itself.

According to Gulf Today, this implementation should eliminate paperwork and debate over where items should go and how they are to be handled.

Blockchain technology is ideal for supply chain use cases simply because it streamlines most of the process. It’s much easier for people at any part of the supply chain to check in and see where the items have been beforehand. Also, the storage and sending of items can be easier automated as well.

Allegedly, more of these Smart Hubs should crop up as time goes on, all serving to improve the GCC.

Speaking on the matter is Husain Rajab, the Chief Investment Officer at the Bahrain Economic Development Board:

“We are very pleased to see this strategic international partnership in Bahrain to establish a safe and secure supply chain network for pharmaceuticals and food supplies. The project aims to build on Bahrain’s world-class digital infrastructure, which would enable the Kingdom to become a major regional logistics hub.”

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