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New Memecoin Rewards Users for Voting in Elon Musk-Style Polls and Goes Viral After Elon Posted Dogecoin on Twitter – Here’s What Happened Love Hate Inu

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Love Hate Inu has set a different pace with its exponential climb within a very short period. It is a vote-to-earn crypto token that rewards users for participating and voting in polls, surveys, and the like.

Love Hate Inu recorded great and successful presales this 2023. The presales are in stages and are currently at Stage 3 out of a total of 8. Investors at Stage 3 can purchase LHINU at $0.000095 per token. The crypto presale has raised over $2 million and is preparing for its $10 million fundraising dream.

Love Hate Inu is believed to be the future meme coin with its unique performance and popularity. Also, the token has strong real-life utility cases that gather different opinions and ideas through polls and surveys. 

With LHINU, social media users can express their opinions without fear of sanctions and exposure to their identities. Many people are investing in the new meme coin through its presale, considering its value growth. 

Investing in LHINU could be more profitable in the long run as the token brings a positive shift on meme coins.

What is Love Hate Inu (LHINU)?

Love Hate Inu is a meme coin project that uses blockchain technology to redefine users’ participation in votes. It operates as a vote-to-earn platform and rewards users with crypto tokens for voting in polls and surveys. Also, participants can engage in trending topics and express their opinions on critical issues.

The platform operates with a staking mechanism for users to engage in votes. Love Hate Inu’s smart contracts ensure that users’ activities are secure without manipulations and spam. Also, the voting procedure remains anonymous and verifiable.

Furthermore, some brands, firms, and organizations can now establish voting pools on the LHINU platform through paid affiliation. This allows participants to access such polls and engage without third-party restrictions. 

What Makes Love Hate Inu Unique?

  • Rewards Users Through Votes

The key and prominent feature of Love Hate Inu is the vote-to-earn function. Users receive rewards by participating in polls and surveys to express their opinions and ideas. The system comprises components; the user interface platform, the vote submission platform, and the management board platform.

The user interface is where customers will connect their wallets to purchase LHINU and to vote on polls. In vote submission platforms, owners of LHINU tokens will submit their votes or receive other public opinions on trending topics. The last component is exclusively for the project team members to vote and manage other technical issues related to the platform.

The design of the platform includes funny expressions for Love and Hate emotions. Users will select either of the expressions while voting for any topic in polls and surveys.

Users must own and stake LHINU tokens for at least 30 days to participate in a voting poll. The number of LHINU tokens you hold determines your voting power. Also, the staking mechanism controls the voting power. 

  • Deflationary Coin

Maintaining a deflationary stance has been a major setback to almost all the meme coins. This is because they have little or no limit to their maximum token supply. The coins keep emerging, causing their value to drop drastically. A good example is from the two top meme coins, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. While the former has a limitless supply of mineable coins, the latter is capped at one quadrillion maximum token supply.

However, Love Hate Inu is breaking the jinx by being deflationary. The meme coin has its maximum token supply capped at 100 billion coins. The project team won’t create new tokens once the supply is exhausted.

Hence, with increasing demand, the value will possibly skyrocket. With the current low price, many investors own LHINU through presales with plans to profit later.

  • Strong Real-life Use Case 

The advent of Love Hate Inu is redefining the stance of meme coins with its strong real-life utility cases. Though LHINU resembles Shiba Inu, the project includes exciting improvements and functionalities surpassing other meme coins. With its growth and popularity, some crypto analysts predict that LHINU will outperform SHIB.

Love Hate Inu has made a strong impact with its potential for massive social capital. Its fun appearance and design attract leverage for the project for investors and users. 

Additionally, Love Hate Inu has created history as the first crypto token to be used in the multi-million survey industry. The blockchain technology used in the meme coin ensures transparency and the safety of users’ activities. The users can see the voting progress and result in real-time. Hence, voting results have no third-party interference or manipulation. 

Moreover, the platform ensures the security of its users by keeping their identities anonymous. This allows fearless participation in polls and surveys.

An example of the use case of LHINU is the Elon Musk-style polls which rewarded users for voting. The poll was based on Musk’s style of leadership as Twitter CEO. In the poll, the users voted their love or hate for Elon Musk. According to the result, 25 community members voted Love while 1082 voted Hate. 

Love Hate Inu brought innovative measures for debating and settling trivial topics through votes. 

  • Great Community Power

Love Hate Inu offers a greater part of governance to its community. According to the tokeconomics, the community will hold 90% of the total LHINU supply. 

The remaining 10% of the token distribution will be reserved for listing fees, liquidity, and other community rewards. There is no allocation of tokens for developers or project teams.

The public will get the native and governance token through stages of Love Hate Inu presales. LHINU’s great community power is quite uncommon in the crypto industry. The power to decide polls and surveys lies solely with the token holders.

LHINU Presale Guide

Love Hate Inu has its presales in stages through its official website. You can own LHINU tokens by purchasing through the presale opportunities. Here are the steps to buying LHINU.

Use A Compatible Crypto Wallet

Love Hate Inu is an ERC-20 token. You should have a compatible crypto wallet for the LHINU tokens. Some of the suitable wallets include MetaMask, WalletConnect, and others. Activate your wallet using the necessary procedure and get your wallet address.

Fund Your Wallet With ETH Or USDT

You can only buy Love Hate Inu with either ETH or USDT. So, you must fund your wallet with either of the tokens to enable your purchase of LHINU coins.

Connect Your Wallet To Love Hate Inu

After funding your wallet, visit the Love Hate Inu presale website and hit the ‘Buy Now’ button. You will receive a pop-up notification to select the right wallet. Click on your wallet type and confirm the selection from your wallet.

Buy LHINU Tokens

Proceed to buy the LHINU tokens by selecting ETH or USDT as your payment token. Then input the number of the payment coins to swap. The platform will display the corresponding number of Love Hate Inu tokens you will receive. Confirm the swap and complete the purchase of LHINU tokens.

Post-sales claim

Once the presales of Love Hate Inu are over, the tokens must be claimed. This move is to restrict the listing of LHINU tokens on decentralized exchanges. 

So, users will go back to the Love Hate Inu website and complete the claiming process by clicking the ‘Claim’ button. Also, connect your wallet to the website to confirm the process.


Love Hate Inu is a new project redefining the meme coin ecosystem through innovative applications. The crypto platform offers users a vote-to-earn process for expressing their opinions and emotions through polls and surveys. 

The LHINU platform maintains real-time updates on voting progress and results, preventing issues of third-party manipulations and restrictions. The token currently has its presales at a low price for investors. The deflationary native of the token will trigger a price rally once the presales are over, giving early investors higher profits.

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