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Is It Too Late To Buy Bitcoin? 5 New Cryptocurrency Projects With More Upside (AI, LHINU, DLANCE, ECOTERRA, SWDTKN)

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Love hate Inu worth buying
Love hate Inu worth buying

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There are almost 9000 active cryptocurrencies currently in the market; while the majority eventually fail, a few jewels can provide investors with enormous gains. The world’s largest cryptocurrency, which had a nightmare collapse in 2022, recently reached $30,000 mark.

While all of this is true, Bitcoin once more fell below $27,000, and in the interim, the cryptocurrency market has begun to shift in favour of embracing the newest projects that have the potential to soar in the upcoming years. 

This guide covers the top cryptocurrencies with the greatest potential in 2023 to help clear the mist and decide between the top 5 new cryptocurrency projects with more returns. 

Never Too Late to Invest In Crypto- AI, LHINU, DLANCE, EXOTERRA, SWDTKN 

For useful reasons, recent news articles have emphasized the rising price of Bitcoin (BTC). As a result of Bitcoin’s price surge, there has been a significant increase in interest and investment in the cryptocurrency market. Considering how popular cryptocurrencies are on social media platforms like Twitter, this has been especially beneficial for those that are now in presale. 

This article is focused on five such presale cryptocurrencies that are benefiting from the rise in Bitcoin’s price – AIDoge (AI), Ecoterra (ECOTERRA), Love Hate Inu (LHINU), DeeLance (DLANCE) and Swords of Blood (SWDTKN). These are just a few of the presale cryptocurrencies that have generated a lot of interest and reliability in the cryptocurrency community.

Below are short descriptions of our listed top cryptocurrencies: 

  1. AIDoge – An AI-powered platform working on the hottest niche meme and AI to generate creative memes that are aligned with various trends in crypto. AiDoge fosters a vibrant community through staking and rewarding those who stake with credits.
  2. Ecoterra – Ecoterra stands out compared to other green crypto projects because of its physical benefits to the environment. The project works through reverse vending machines and rewards its users for recycling.
  3. Love Hate Inu – Love Hate Inu allows users to voice their opinions on events, culture and issues while also participating in a supportive community. The fair and secure voting process uses blockchain technology in its construction. The platform creates meme polls, for which producers receive LHINU tokens as payment.
  4. DeeLance – A platform for hiring and freelancing using blockchain technology. This decentralized network is revolutionizing the way freelancers interact with potential employers.
  5. Swords of Blood – Hack-and-slash gameplay and the Polygon blockchain are both used in this role-playing game Swords of Blood to create an unrivalled gaming experience. It is the first Free to play, hack-and-slash Role Playing Game (RPG) on the blockchain with AAA quality that is debuting in Polygon.

Top 5 High-Rewarding Cryptos


AIDoge is an innovative meme-creation tool that enables you to produce excellent, intriguing, current, and relevant memes! The project is well-positioned to profit from the excitement around AI-themed cryptocurrencies, given its meme coin design and built-in profits mechanism.

Thus, millions of people worldwide who want to create memes for personal or professional reasons will probably find AI’s novel meme generation setup appealing. The ecosystem’s native coin, $AI, will be used as a form of payment, according to the AiDoge whitepaper. Memes must be created by users who possess $Ai tokens, though these tokens can also be staked to get daily payouts.

AI Doge buy

Called one of the best cryptocurrency presales of the year by many social media users, the project has just begun with the introduction of AIDoge. Early investors can buy $AI tokens through this presale at a discount from the tokens’ eventual listing price on an exchange.

Currently, the AI-based meme project raised $218,488.53 as on April 28, 2023. The AI ERC-20 token, which has a 1 trillion supply and 50% of its tokens available during its presale, powers the project.

There will be 20 phases in the presale, with the token price rising gradually in each round. The price of $Ai tokens is $0.000026 in Stage 1, while it will be $0.0000336 in Stage 20, which is more than 29% higher.

Buy AIDOGE here

  • Love Hate Inu (LHINU)

A startup with a strong sense of community, Love Hate Inu pays users in cryptocurrency to do surveys and casting ballots on important social topics. Love Hate Inu will offer a safe and secure platform supported by blockchain technology with its vote-to-earn features. By doing this, the voting process is protected from spam and other interference.

The presale price should be a good enough indicator of what to expect from this meme coin. The $6 million milestone is almost reached, and evidence suggests that, if anything, the presale momentum is increasing as it recently crossed the $5 million milestone. 

Love hate inu buy

You must stake its native token, LHINU, for at least a month before casting a vote. The company offered 90 perfect of its 100 billion token supply as a presale for its community to buy and keep for potential gains out of its total 100 billion token supply. You can invest in it with confidence, knowing that Love Hate Inu is legitimate and that you will profit in the future.

Buy Love Hate Inu here

  • DeeLance (DLANCE)

Web 3.0 recruitment portal DeeLance attempts to link employers and independent contractors directly. On DeeLance, these parties can connect, make deals, and pay less per contract than on most other traditional freelancing sites. DeeLance also showcases its virtual collaborative space known as the metaverse.

The project provides escrow-held cryptocurrency payments up until the project is finished. Then, through the smart contract, it quickly pays the cryptocurrency to independent contractors without any waiting periods. Additionally, each submission is backed by NFTs that can be verified on the blockchain. DeeLance is poised to revolutionize the freelancing industry overall, and it is worthwhile to check it out.

DeeLance buy

Due to the platform’s commitment to maintaining minimal fees, freelancers can keep a larger portion of the revenue it generates. This may be very useful for new freelancers trying to establish themselves. Instant rewards are just another area where DeeLance thrives. Freelancers that accept Bitcoin payments may do so fast and securely, giving them easy access to their money.

DeeLance’s token presale has already generated $506k as of this writing. Investors, employers, and freelancers can lock in the lowest price for DLANCE tokens during the second phase of the project’s presale. DLANCE tokens are currently priced at $0.029 USD per.

Buy Deelance here

  • Ecoterra (ECOTERRA)

Ecoterra is a project that encourages consumers to recycle and earn money while protecting the environment. It will launch its mobile app, EcoTerra, allowing users to scan recyclables, deposit them in RVMs (Recyclable Vending Machines), and instantly receive ECOTERRA. The more things you discard, the more ECOTERRA tokens you earn and can use.

In order to lower their carbon footprints and receive accomplishments tokenized as NFTs, this platform also offers verified carbon offset programmes to people and businesses. Many eco-fans around the world have been impressed by this straightforward endeavour. They are eager to participate in this eco-friendly activity.

Ecoterra buy

Ecoterra is holding a presale of the ECOTERRA token, which will power the app, to raise money for its innovative platform. The presale will see the release of half of the total 2 billion token supply, with the remaining tokens going towards ecosystem liquidity, listings, marketing, development, and corporate adoption.

Since the presale began a few weeks ago, the initiative has amassed a remarkable $2.65 million in funding.

Buy EcoTerra here. 

  • Swords of Blood (SWDTKN)

Swords of Blood (SWDTKN) is permeating the crypto sphere as the newest blockchain-based gaming token of the innovative project. 

This gaming project is set up in the Polygon chain and offers unique aesthetics and gameplay, thus creating a gaming hub where anyone can sign up, compete against other players in various modes, and win cryptocurrency prizes.

Swords of blood

Just 20 days after kicking off its presale, the Swords of Blood campaign has already achieved a significant milestone by bringing in over $1.1 million in investment. The native token is currently being sold during the second stage of the presale for 0.07 USD. It’s vital to keep in mind that the presale employs a rising pricing method, which means that the cost of the token will rise with each new stage of the presale. For instance, during the third stage of the presale, the token’s price will increase to 0.08 USD and keep increasing until the sale is over.

The SWDTKN will cover all costs and rewards because it is crucial to the ecosystem. Players must buy the token to advance in the game and pass some hero levels. Swords of Blood offers a rare chance to invest in the best P2E experience in 2023 at incredibly low pricing.

Buy Swords of Blood here

In Conclusion 

In conclusion, by focusing on several projects with significant development potential, this article has examined in depth the best cryptocurrencies to purchase at the moment.

Each of these five listed projects has a unique and undeniably high potential application for addressing challenges in the crypto space, ranging from gaming services to enabling sustainability. They have much to offer and to be excited about. Investors ought to pay attention to these 5 top cryptocurrencies, which have the budding to transform the current bear market, and it is recommended to keep a close eye on them and do your own research before investing. 


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