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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today – ZKX, Azuro Protocol, UDAO

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Azuro Protocol
Azuro Protocol

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Cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, are seen as an alternative to the USD’s weakening influence in the global financial market. This sentiment and the anticipated trading of Ether spot ETF in July sparked increased attention around digital assets. With this increased hype and institutional adoption, investors seek easy market entry.

In light of this, new cryptocurrency releases, listings, and presales are also entering the spotlight. This article eases this search by listing the best tokens that fit this description and detailing their features, utilities, and market prospects.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

ZKX is pioneering the integration of social elements in trading through PVP battles and competitions for perpetual futures. Meanwhile, Azuro Protocol delivers comprehensive tooling, oracle, and liquidity solutions for applications and EVM chains. 

 Udao is a Web3 platform designed to help individuals learn job-relevant skills and find employment. In a significant development, PEPU’s presale phase has raised $233,677, signifying strong investment interest. Furthermore, as a recent draft shows, Italy is boosting crypto risk oversight and toughening sanctions.

1. ZKX (ZKX)

ZKX is pioneering the integration of social elements in trading through PVP battles and competitions for perpetual futures. By utilizing its appchain, ZKX combines the efficiency of centralized exchanges with DeFi’s self-custody and trust. Consequently, this approach delivers remarkable scalability and high-speed APIs. Currently, ZKX is deployed on Ethereum and Starknet. It aims to blend SocialFi with DeFi effectively.

The $ZKX token plays a significant role in the platform’s ecosystem. Users can stake their tokens in a time-locked pool. Specifically, the duration and amount staked determine their voting power within the ZKX DAO. Furthermore, this staking mechanism shares protocol revenue with stakers. It encourages users to lock their tokens for extended periods. As a result, the longer the tokens are staked, the higher the revenue share participants can earn.

ZKX Price Chart

ZKX has formed several strategic partnerships to enhance its platform. For example, the DegenScore partnership allows Bekanz users to access the closed testnet for three days. They receive rewards such as Shateigashira NFTs, the OG1 role, and future $ZKX tokens. 

Moreover, ZKX has launched an ambassador program in partnership with Deworkxyz. They seek over 50 ambassadors from the crypto community and emerging markets to promote the platform. The collaboration with Unicorn6868 also aims to achieve common goals and explore future cooperative offerings.

ZKX, the first Social Perp Trading DEX on Starknet and Ethereum, has raised $7.6M in funding. Investors include Flowdesk, GCR, DeWhales, Hashkey, Amber Group,, and StarkWare. Furthermore, the native $ZKX token has launched on KuCoin,, and Bitget. 

2. Azuro Protocol (AZUR)

Azuro Protocol delivers comprehensive tooling, oracle, and liquidity solutions for applications and EVM chains. The platform enables developers to engage and monetize audiences through prediction apps and games, thereby boosting new and existing user bases. 

By partnering with Azuro, developers can foster a robust prediction apps ecosystem on their chains, leveraging Azuro’s advanced oracle and liquidity offerings. Azuro offers detailed insights into its architectural framework, helping developers grasp the underlying structure and capabilities.

AZUR Price Chart

Azuro has forged several strategic partnerships to enhance its services and reach. For instance, it collaborated with Chiliz, known for transforming fan engagement in sports through blockchain solutions. This partnership aims to launch a co-sponsored grant program for developers. Meanwhile, Chiliz’s CEO, Alex Dreyfus, emphasized integrating with Azuro to capitalize on the growing on-chain prediction market.

Moreover, Azuro recently teamed up with zkSync Hyperchain stack through a partnership with Sophon to advance on-chain entertainment. Another notable collaboration is with Impossible Finance for the Olympics, a new initiative in the prediction market. In addition, Azuro also partnered with PlaceWar Game, a P2E game, inviting its community to join the Azuro ecosystem.

Recently, Azuro made significant upgrades to its subgraphs on Polygon and Gnosis Chain, migrating them to the Graph Protocol’s Decentralized Network. This upgrade reflects its commitment to security, verifiability, reliability, and data handling performance. 

It also enhances the speed and modular access to data, achieving a query success rate of over 99.9%, a figure that speaks to the robustness and reliability of our system. Overall, Azuro Protocol provides robust solutions and continues to expand its ecosystem through strategic partnerships and technological upgrades.


Udao is a Web3 platform designed to help individuals learn job-relevant skills and find employment. It aims to accelerate career advancement by offering personalized learning journeys, making it a cost-effective alternative to traditional education. Udao utilizes skill-based assessments to identify skill gaps and leverages AI to tailor learning experiences.

Moreover, beyond education, Udao connects users with companies based on their skills and guides them through hiring. Employers can use the platform’s AI services to find suitable candidates efficiently.

UDAO Price Chart

A key feature of Udao is the UDAO Token, a hybrid digital asset integral to the platform’s ecosystem. It serves various functions, including governance, utility, and rewards, fostering a collaborative community. Additionally, Udao has formed strategic partnerships to enhance its offerings. Notable collaborations include Athlerse, a Web3 fitness app, and industry leaders Udemy and IBM. Furthermore, Udao has partnered with Edu3Labs, another Web3 Edtech project, to provide tangible benefits for users.

The UDAO token is listed on, MEXC, and Coingecko in terms of market performance. Its price is $0.393, marking a 0.64% increase in the past 24 hours. The token’s all-time high was $0.424 on June 20, 2024, which is currently 7.26% below that peak. With a circulating supply of 7.25 million tokens and a maximum supply of 200 million, UDAO’s market capitalization is $2.85 million. The 24-hour trading volume is $355,570, predominantly on

Udao is a versatile Web3 platform that facilitates learning and career advancement and integrates a unique token system to enhance user engagement and community involvement. Its strategic partnerships and AI-driven services make it a noteworthy option for learners and employers.

4. Pepe Unchained ($PEPU)

Pepe Unchained distinguishes itself within the competitive memecoin landscape by positioning it as an evolved iteration of the original Pepe project. It operates as a Layer 2 Solution atop the Ethereum Network, aimed at enhancing transaction efficiency compared to its predecessor, leveraging faster speeds and lower costs. This initiative is the first Pepe-themed token to establish its blockchain infrastructure.

The project’s narrative portrays Pepe as a figure seeking liberation from conventional limitations, symbolized by breaking away from outdated Layer 1 constraints. This thematic backdrop underscores its technological approach and ambition to attract investors seeking novelty and efficiency in the cryptocurrency market.

Pepe Unchained’s strategic allocation of its 8 billion PEPU tokens reflects a structured roadmap designed to foster sustainable growth. With significant portions dedicated to presale (20%) and marketing (20%), initial momentum and investor engagement are prioritized. Liquidity, project finance, and chain operations receive 10%, ensuring operational stability and trading liquidity. Notably, a substantial 30% allocation towards staking emphasizes the project’s commitment to incentivizing long-term investor participation.

The project’s staking feature, offering an APY of 17600%, has garnered attention from investors interested in passive income opportunities. Early indications from the presale phase have shown promising demand, with PEPU tokens available at a presale price of $0.008 each, underscoring initial affordability and growth potential. Meanwhile, the PEPU’s presale phase has realized $233,677 in funds, signifying investment interest.

Investment options include purchasing PEPU tokens using ETH, USDT, or BNB, although staking returns are limited to ETH and USDT transactions. Moreover, flexibility in payment methods, including bank cards, enhances accessibility for potential investors. Lastly, Pepe Unchained’s strategic roadmap outlines incremental growth stages following the presale, anticipating value appreciation as milestones are achieved. 

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