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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today – Vitreus, Legion, BaseX Token

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Blockchain and digital assets offer diverse daily solutions, propelling global adoption. For instance, Polygon recently secured key Partnerships with Ronin and Fox News, boosting MATIC. Meanwhile, other cryptocurrencies are printing significant increases amid growing investor interest.

New cryptocurrency launches, listings, and presales are also gaining attention. InsideBitcoins plays a crucial role by identifying and showcasing promising tokens, highlighting their unique features, utilities, and market potential.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

Vitreus is advancing emerging technologies, emphasizing Web3 principles such as decentralization, openness, and community involvement. Meanwhile, Legion, established in 2021, has risen as a prominent player in the Web3 investment sector. 

99Bitcoins, with substantial backing exceeding $2.2 million, has also garnered acclaim for its user-friendly blockchain education platform. Notably, a Bitcoin ETF has launched on Australia’s primary stock exchange.

1. Vitreus (WVTRS)

Vitreus is advancing emerging technologies focusing on Web3 principles like decentralization, openness, and community involvement. The company’s vision extends beyond decentralized finance (DeFi) to harness blockchain’s potential across various industries. Specifically, Vitreus’s Decentralized Physical Infrastructure (DePIN) model encourages user participation, creating a secure, decentralized foundation for blockchain applications.

While DeFi is crucial, Vitreus supports Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence (AI) sectors. Notably, the VNRG system democratizes blockchain validation and data storage, empowering users to contribute to the network. Furthermore, Vitreus uses a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism and aims to innovate with a hybrid model combining Proof of Stake, Proof of Authority, and Proof of Reputation into a unified Proof of Valued Participation. Additionally, the vGovern system facilitates community-driven growth, ensuring the protocol evolves with its users.

Vitreus Price Chart

Moreover, Vitreus fosters an environment for innovative solutions, inviting users and enterprises to explore blockchain’s potential. As a Substrate-based Layer 0 blockchain, Vitreus connects Layer 1 blockchains, thereby enhancing scalability and robustness through community collaboration. 

This comprehensive Web3 approach allows VTRS token holders to influence the future collectively, thus driving the adoption of decentralized technology. The VTRS token is central to the Vitreus ecosystem, serving multiple roles in governance, staking, and unlocking the network’s functionalities.

Meanwhile, Vitreus has formed key partnerships to strengthen its ecosystem. Working with COMPLiQ AI as a paraChain partner brings real-world use cases and increases demand for the VTRS and gVolts tokens. Furthermore, collaborations with Collaborative Digital and developer Innowise support governance, risk, and compliance solutions while providing access to experienced developers.

Moreover, Vitreus DAO recently announced a video series on its layer-0 blockchain, offering insights into its features, governance, and prospects. Thus, it aims to educate and engage the community. Vitreus drives decentralized, democratized digital interactions, fostering a transparent, secure, and inclusive digital future.

2. Legion (LEGION)

Legion, founded in 2021, has emerged as a key player in the Web3 investment space. The platform has made over 160 investments, deploying nearly $13M and distributing $9M. By prioritizing security and trust, Legion implements top-notch security measures and has maintained a flawless record with no fund management issues. Furthermore, community support remains strong, with 90% of NFT holders retaining their assets. Additionally, its unique OTC marketplace actively facilitates the trading of allocations.

As a result, Legion attracts a user base of over 14,300, generates a community fund exceeding $100K, and achieves an OTC trading volume of more than $130K. Its robust social media presence includes 77K+ Twitter followers and 17.3M post impressions. The platform has also airdropped over $600K in $LEGION tokens as community incentives.

Legion Price Chart

Legion’s token offers several utilities. For example, it provides exclusive access to top-tier investment opportunities on a first-come, first-served basis. Users also earn passive income through automatic revenue sharing, enjoy discounted fees on OTC deals, and receive staking rewards with annual percentage returns. Additionally, a continuous token-burning mechanism operates through OTC fees.

Moreover, Legion enhances its offerings through strategic partnerships with entities like Dreamboat, Zignaly, VALUEX, IBCGroup, UnityCapital, CoinPublic, TrustPad, and PlatinumQDAO. These collaborations strengthen the crypto ecosystem and democratize investment opportunities in Web3.

Finally, Legion’s notable investments include Peaq Network ($50M valuation), Sei ($400M valuation), LayerZero ($2.5B valuation), ($150M valuation), and Celestia ($2.5B valuation). Overall, Legion offers a compelling platform for retail investors interested in early-stage Web3 projects and OTC trading, supported by a robust community and strategic partnerships.

3. 99Bitcoins (99BTC)

99Bitcoins, a well-capitalized initiative backed by over $2.2 million in funding, has gained recognition for its accessible blockchain education platform. Recently, the development team unveiled a plan to distribute $99,999 worth of Bitcoin to early community members through an airdrop initiative. This move is part of their broader strategy centered around the “Learn-to-Earn” concept. It aims to incentivize learning through interactive courses and quizzes on its platform.

Participants engage in educational modules to earn 99BTC, directly deposited into their wallets. Long-term holders benefit from an attractive annual percentage yield (APY) currently at 757%. The project’s tokenomics structure, detailed in its whitepaper, is receiving acclaim for its thoughtful approach to distribution.

With a total supply capped at 99 billion tokens, allocations include 10.5% for presale buyers. Additionally, 14% is earmarked for staking rewards, and 44.5% is allocated to community incentives and project growth funds.

The ongoing airdrop campaign aims to reward 99 winners from over 6,900 entries. Winners will be announced on July 19th. The 99BTC token distinguishes itself by focusing on education, strategic tokenomics, and appealing rewards. It offers a compelling opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts interested in learning and potential returns.

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4. BaseX Token (BXT)

BaseX, a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform, is advancing on the foundation established by Thena. It focuses on optimizing benefits for liquidity providers and minimizing fees and slippage for traders. Unlike traditional DEX models burdened by native token inflation, BaseX cultivates a mutually beneficial ecosystem within the Base Chain. The platform champions decentralization, transparency, and community-driven governance, which are central to its commitment to refining and expanding its ecosystem.

One of BaseX’s key offerings is Solid, an automated market maker (AMM) and liquidity layer originally developed by Andre Cronje on Fantom. BaseX has enhanced the Solidly codebase to ensure functionality aligns with its goals. This includes implementing proper compensation mechanisms for liquidity providers and addressing impermanent loss while supporting value accumulation for BaseX DAO and BXT holders.

BaseX Token Price Chart

BaseX has forged strategic partnerships to bolster its ecosystem. Integrating with Gamma enhances liquidity pool management with strategies, promising improved efficiency and returns. Collaboration with Port3 Network leverages social data integration for community-driven growth initiatives, enhancing engagement within the BuildOnBase framework. 

Furthermore, partnering with TaskOn enhances productivity through Web3 collaboration tools and offers secure project management solutions. The collaboration with Steer Protocol introduces liquidity management capabilities, reinforcing BaseX’s position in advancing DeFi innovation.

In recent developments, BaseX announced the listing of its native token BXT on MEXC and Coingecko, expanding its accessibility and visibility within the broader cryptocurrency community. These milestones underscore BaseX’s ongoing efforts to shape a sustainable and collaborative future for decentralized finance.

BaseX is a pivotal player in the evolving DeFi landscape, driven by its strategic initiatives and technological advancements to foster efficiency, innovation, and community empowerment.

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