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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today – Multi Universe Central, Freedom, Mega Dice

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Ripple President, Monica Long, recently announced plans to introduce a US Dollar-backed stablecoin (RLUSD) and potentially an XRP exchange-traded fund (ETF). This news reflects the increased attention on cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, new cryptocurrency releases, listings, and presales garner market hype. This analysis compiles these digital assets, including their features, utilities, and market history.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

The MUC utility token project introduces a comprehensive ecosystem integrating NFTs and tokens, focusing on decentralized intellectual properties (IPs) such as Tokyo Mongz Hills Club, Peachz.MOMO, and GAJA!Alice. Additionally, Freedom World is a dynamic metaverse ecosystem powered by FDM, a cryptocurrency that supports various Web3 applications. 

Moreover, Mega Dice is a GameFi cryptocurrency initiative operating on the Solana network. It recently garnered attention by raising over $1.5 million and is now approaching the $2 million mark. Meanwhile, the crypto firm Abra has settled with US states for operating without licenses.

1. Multi Universe Central (MUC)

The MUC utility token project introduces a comprehensive ecosystem integrating NFTs and tokens, focusing on decentralized intellectual properties (IPs) like Tokyo Mongz Hills Club, Peachz.MOMO, and GAJA!Alice. The project’s primary goal is to provide significant value to NFT holders by connecting MUC to various content forms.

MUC’s economy is designed to interact with IP Tokens, including MZC from the Tokyo Mongz Hills Club and Peachz.MOMO projects. With a fixed issuance strategy, the supply of major cryptocurrencies to the DEX’s liquidity pool will increase proportionately to the circulating amount. 

The project aims to preserve MUC’s value by maintaining a relatively small supply compared to other crypto assets in the liquidity pool. Additionally, MUC seeks to create new value by integrating with its NFT projects, such as TMHC and GAJA!Alice.

MUC price chart

This approach may need some support from users due to the reduced supply of IP Tokens. Still, the project team believes this strategy is necessary to prevent a decline in MUC’s value, which would be more detrimental to users and holders. MUC will also connect its ecosystem within and outside the content, functioning as a flexible crypto economy.

MUC will be applied to various decentralized IPs, including games, webtoons, web novels, and animations. Users can engage as owners or players of these IPs, with new content continuously added to provide ongoing entertainment options. Decentralized IPs will be introduced as NFT-based projects in NFT marketplaces. Holding these NFTs in a decentralized wallet connected to the content will allow users to utilize them within the corresponding content.

TMHC plans to leverage IPs across online and offline platforms, integrating a token economy within these ventures. GAJA!Alice will start with comics and webtoons, eventually expanding into animation and games. These content forms will be created as NFTs and shared with holders. Universal Stallion, a game connected to the MUC ecosystem, is currently in development. The ecosystem will continue to expand by incorporating more games and webtoons.

MUC has announced several partnerships to enhance its ecosystem. The collaboration with Sugar Kingdom Odyssey aims to integrate gaming platforms where projects from various blockchains can provide direct utility to their tokens by playing games. The collaboration with Core Stake will enable users to stake $CORE with a 170% APY over two years, employing a liquid staking model and offering additional $CST tokens as a bonus. 

MUC’s partnership with Meme Prof, an AI-powered socialfi platform, caters to meme enthusiasts by blending entertainment, technology, and innovation. Additionally, MUC has secured a $4 million strategic investment partnership with ATC (Alpha Token Capital). This investment is expected to enhance the MUC ecosystem by providing high liquidity and contributing to a robust trading volume.

2. Freedom (FDM)

Freedom World is a dynamic metaverse ecosystem powered by FDM, a cryptocurrency that supports various Web3 applications. Indeed, FDM is not just a digital currency but the foundation of a Web3 future emphasizing transparency, empowerment, and innovation. Consequently, this review provides an analytical overview of Freedom World and its key offerings.

Firstly, Freedom World enables users, communities, and businesses to engage in a self-sustaining ecosystem. FDM holders can develop reward programs, introduce gamification features, and bridge the digital and physical worlds. Moreover, FDM is utilized across diverse sectors, including education, transportation, cafes, restaurants, music festivals, NFT projects, and online communities. Thus, the versatility of FDM positions it as a pivotal component in the Web3 landscape.

The decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) grants FDM holders governance rights. Through community voting, users can influence the platform’s future. Consequently, this structure ensures decisions are made collectively, reflecting the community’s diverse needs. 

FDM price chart

Additionally, the integration with VISA allows for the seamless use of FDM and other cryptocurrencies in everyday transactions. Users can qualify for the Freedom Card by staking FDM, enabling access to the VISA payment network and exclusive rewards.

Staking FDM can earn users rewards and contribute to market stability. Specifically, staking involves locking tokens in a fixed-term account, with pools offering up to 40% yields. Furthermore, FreedomPay services facilitate cross-border payments through Fiat-Crypto-Fiat solutions, enhancing the ease of international transactions. 

Users can earn Freedom Shards (FDS) within the ecosystem and exchange them for real-world rewards, promoting active engagement. In addition, FDM can unlock unique opportunities with NFTs, including tokenized real-world assets and event tickets. This feature allows for direct user transactions, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Freedom Passport is an identity verification tool that uses Soulbound Tokens to ensure authenticity. It is essential for governance participation and verification within the ecosystem, enabling trustless, verifiable Web3 identity technology.

In terms of partnerships, Freedom World has formed various collaborations to enhance its offerings. For instance, BooziaDistribution utilizes the Freedom World app to enhance customer experiences in Bangkok. Similarly, FixmeClinic offers personalized pain relief solutions. Moreover, Weeco Thailand collaborates on building a sustainable future using Web3 technology. Additionally, Seenspace transforms community malls into seamless, cashless environments with SEEN points.

3. Mega Dice (DICE)

Mega Dice is a GameFi cryptocurrency initiative operating on the Solana network that has recently garnered attention by raising over $1.5 million, approaching the $2 million mark. This project aims to merge gaming and cryptocurrency, targeting gamblers on its platform and holders of its DICE token.

Currently priced at $0.075, the DICE token will increase in price in the next four days. Prospective investors are encouraged to consider joining before potential price adjustments occur.

Mega Dice has also launched a Refer & Earn program. This incentivizes users to bring in new participants by offering a percentage of their referred users’ spending. Additionally, the project has implemented an aggressive airdrop strategy, allocating $2.25 million across three seasons.

Season 1 targets active players who wager a minimum of $5,000 within 21 days, offering a substantial $750,000 reward pool. Seasons 2, set to end on 28 June, and season 3 continue these incentives, providing an additional $1.5 million for sustained activity until the DICE token is listed on exchanges.

Beyond airdrops, token holders can earn rewards through staking, receiving daily payouts based on the casino’s profits. Mega Dice also offers NFTs for VIP players and a 25% referral commission to further drive engagement and participation on the platform.

Overall, Mega Dice presents an intriguing opportunity at the intersection of gaming and cryptocurrency, with various incentives and reward mechanisms designed to engage its users.

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